Gary, my brother and only sibling, broke his arm a few weeks ago. Every time I tell the story people laugh. Injuries shouldn’t be funny, but the way this happened is humorous.

His wife, Cindy, had been complaining for a while that the dryer was not drying properly. It took three or more cycles to get the clothes dry. So one afternoon Gary went out back on the patio to check the dryer vent.

Unfortunately, when he rammed a tool up the vent to make sure it was clear, he discovered the problem. Dozens of wasps swarmed out of the vent in Gary’s direction. In self-defense, he turned to run, but after only a few steps he tripped on an electrical cord running across the concrete patio.

My brother is a big man and not light on his feet. He went down hard, landing on his left elbow, jamming his shoulder, and breaking the bone in his upper arm. At least the wasps left him alone.

A few days later he went out to finish the job. First, he blasted the inside of the vent with wasp and hornet killer. After giving the spray time to work he cleaned out the vent. He found two huge nests that essentially blocked off the vent. Those wasps had constructed a couple of yellow jacket condominium complexes and made themselves at home.

When I thought about sharing this story with you, like always, I wanted to use it to demonstrate some deep spiritual truth. I considered talking about the danger of Satan and how he attacks God’s children. Then I toyed with the idea of watching out for those “little, pesky” sins that on their own don’t seem like a big deal, but when they start to build up all of sudden you have a big problem.

But, I was really just stretching to make something work. Sometimes things just happen to us in this imperfect world. We trip over extension cords and hurt ourselves. But I thought you might enjoy the story.

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