Have you noticed that laundry is never really done? By the time I collect all the dirty clothes, haul them to the laundry room, sort them into piles, do numerous rounds of washing, drying, and folding, and then put them all away, there is already more that needs washing. Laundry never ends.

The Levitical sacrificial system was a little like doing laundry. The work had to be done over and over again. The priests sacrificed daily. Blood flowed constantly. But the sins continued to pile up because these sacrifices could not change the heart of the worshiper.

The author of Hebrews shows the superiority of the New Covenant’s sacrifice over the old. Let’s dive into chapter nine and discover how the death of one Superior Savior accomplished what the death of countless bulls and goats never could – eternal forgiveness of sins and freedom from its guilt!

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 9 (PDF)
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