My two daughters have the same tattoo. They even inspired my seventy-year-old mother to join the “inked” club.

Kelley, our oldest daughter, started it several years ago when she turned eighteen. She ichthusmade her case to us that the ichthus (Christian fish symbol) she wanted to have tattooed on her wrist would be a permanent reminder of Who she belonged to. It would also be a “witnessing too.” Three years later, our second daughter Sarah made the same argument.

I will admit, people regularly ask them about their tattoos and they don’t hesitate to share the meaning. The two years Sarah worked as a waitress she often had several opportunities a day to tell people she belongs to Jesus.

Well, my mother never likes to be left out. She decided she wanted a tattoo just like her granddaughters’. So, during a visit to Kelley’s university for a choir concert, mom got marked for life. When Kelley took mom into the tattoo parlor she approached the counter and stated, “I never thought I would say this but, I’ve brought my grandmother in for a tattoo.”

The three of them regularly try to talk me into getting that same fish on my wrist but I’ve resisted. I know some people refuse on biblical grounds, but that really isn’t my reason. No, it’s because this decision is a permanent one. Once you do it, it’s there forever. (Yes, I know you can have them surgically removed, but even that leaves a scar.) I’m not sure I want to make that kind of commitment. Permanent. Forever. No going back.

Hmm. What about my commitment to Christ? Is it permanent? Forever? Do I make my commitment to Him known to others on a daily basis?

Just this morning I read a verse that brought this whole issue of tattoos to mind. “One will say, ‘I belong to the LORD’; another will call himself by the name of Jacob; still another will write on his hand, ‘The LORD’s’ and will take the name Israel (Isaiah 44:5)”

God, through the prophet Isaiah, was foretelling the return of Israel from exile. God would pour out His Spirit on His people like water on dry ground. His people would boldly claim Him as their God and not be ashamed to be “marked” by His name.

Am I willing to be permanently marked by the name of Christ like a tattoo permanently marks a body? Will I boldly and unashamedly proclaim Christ to everyone I encounter? Sometimes I do. But other times I fail. I think it’s high time I commit to “never going back.” Maybe I should get myself to that tattoo parlor.

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