This guest post by Nikki Laven was originally published on her blog “Simply Striving.” I’d like to thank Nikki for sharing how the biblical truths in “God Is My Refuge” impacted her life personally.

It was a white flag kind of day. You know the ones. Where the current of circumstance is so strong you just want pull the cord for the floating device and hope for a tan as it carries you to a deserted island.


Because that’s what it feels like. When your child is sick, the dryer won’t dry, the toaster over-toasts, and the paper boy hits the only wet spot on your driveway. Then you discover your vehicle has issues and your cellphone is MIA and what was that loud crashing sound? Later you receive an email from someone who disagrees with you and as you listen to the news you wonder: how can some people live with themselves? When will they see and where are their mothers?!?

Finally, it was time to write the day off the books. Every muscle moaned as I slipped under the down comforter. I’m not sure if I was too wound up or too exhausted. Regardless, I couldn’t fall asleep and reached for the devotional on my nightstand instead.

Friends, it was as if God had orchestrated the entire day, building to this one event…

She invited me to read Psalm 73:12-26 and I found myself nodding furiously in agreement with the psalmist. He got it. He knew the days. The ones where no matter how hard you try, it’s never enough.

Yet he also knew how to deal with it. Whom to turn to when questions like what, why, or how start creeping in.

My heart began to slow while reading the author‘s thoughts:

“God wants us to take our questions, disappointments, and frustrations to Him. The process of grappling over our weary circumstances with God grows us spiritually and draws us closer to Him. The deeper the intimacy we forge produces comfort and fresh strength to keep going.

Our circumstances may not change, but God prepares us to meet them…Come into His presence. Bring your pain. Allow Him to strengthen your heart.”

Kathy Howard, God is My Refuge: 12 Weeks of Devotions
and Scripture Memory for Troubled Times

I closed the book and my eyes as I finally brought my day to Him. We talked about the moments I had wished for a do-over. I poured out my frustration over this and that and the other thing.

Friends, I talked to Him like He was my unconditional friend. Because He is…
How easy I forget that I’m not in this alone.

I don’t need to have all the answers, He does.
I don’t need any superpowers, He shares.
I don’t need to worry, He’s here.

And as I sat in the peaceful silence, my breaths grew deeper. slower. My heart warmed with each release. And I was reminded why He bids us to come.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

How about you, friend? Where has your current of circumstance taken you lately? How do you enter into His presence and accept His invitation to come? I’d love to hear.

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