It’s Easter Monday. We don’t hear that term much in Protestant circles. Easter Monday – the day after Easter – is an official holiday in some places. I think it should be here as well.

What should we be doing the day after Jesus rose from the grave? What do you think the disciples did that first Easter Monday? First, I imagine them coming out of hiding. Friday through Sunday they had been huddled together in fear. Jesus was dead and they didn’t know what to do. All their hopes for a kingdom were dashed. They were grieving the loss of their friend and teacher. They were afraid of the Jewish leaders and the crowds.

But after Sunday everything was different. Jesus was alive! Can’t you feel the hope and excitement of new beginnings they must have felt? Can’t you feel their passion and desire to tell everyone the good news? I can just see them running around the streets of Jerusalem telling everyone they saw that Jesus was alive.

Have you told anyone today that Jesus is alive? Did yesterday’s celebration make a difference in your life today? Here’s my challenge for all of us: Let’s carry the joy and passion of Easter into Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and … Well, you get the idea. Happy Easter Monday!

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