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Jesus isn’t merely one way to God; He is the only way to God.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement above? It isn’t very politically correct. In fact, it sounds very rigid doesn’t it? Some would even call it “intolerant.” Yet, according to God’s Word, it is truth.

Those of us who embrace this truth are in danger of being labeled “intolerant” and “narrow-minded.” The world loudly proclaims that Jesus might be right for us, but not necessarily right for everyone. They “logically” argue that there are many ways to reach God. How should we respond to this as followers of Christ?

Today’s culture pressures Christians to conform to its way of thinking. We can have our beliefs as long as we keep them to ourselves and don’t try to push them on anyone else. If our faith influences the way we think or behave then the culture calls us “radical.”

As our culture increasingly becomes more intolerant of Christianity, it is vital that God’s people commit to “non-conformity” with the world and its ways. The book of Hebrews offers timely wisdom and practical advice for those of us who long to glorify our Savior in a misguided world.

There are a lot of paths that feel right, but in the end they only lead to destruction. There is only one way to God. One way of salvation. And our Savior is superior to anything and everything else that world embraces.

Why Study Hebrews?

I love the book of Hebrews. It clearly shows us why only Jesus can provide eternal salvation. And this beautiful book reveals the glorious exalted nature of our Lord. Another thing I love about Hebrews is it shows us the great relevance and meaning of the Old Covenant. Everything in the Old Covenant – the sacrificial system, the tabernacle, the levitical priesthood – it all points to Jesus.

So, you want to dig into this book with me? I’m offering two study options for a 4-week of Hebrews. Both studies begin with an introduction on Saturday, September 5th. Then we dig into the book beginning Monday, September 7th.

  1. “Reading the Bible Together” – This option includes Monday-Friday Bible reading and daily discussion questions in a closed Facebook group. No extra material needed. Just follow this link and request to join.
  2. “A Superior Savior” – This in-depth, 20-day study will operate on the same timeline as “Reading the Bible Together,” but this private FB group will go much deeper into the text. It requires additional study material, which was written by Kathy. This downloadable PDF, access to the private group, and additional weekly video teaching by Kathy is just $5 plus tax.

Get the Hebrews Study  

After you make the purchase through the PayPal link, Kathy will email you the PDF study and a link to the Facebook group.

No matter what part of the Bible you’re studying right now, check out the 4 R Method of Inductive Bible study. You can use it to effectively study any part of the Bible!

What’s your favorite book of the Bible?

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