Do you ever get impatient with God? Have you ever thought He was taking too long to do something you believed He promised to do in your life?

I’ve been reading about Joseph during my daily Bible reading. This morning  I read Genesis 41:46, “Joseph was thirty years old when he entered the service of Pharaoh king of Egypt.”  I thought, “Not too shabby. Joseph was still a young whipper-snapper when he obtained the second highest position in all of Egypt.”

Then I remembered that when Joseph was a teenager God had revealed to him through dreams that his family would bow down to him. Then his brothers sold him into slavery at seventeen. Joseph spent thirteen years as a slave and a prisoner. Yet, Scripture doesn’t tell us that Joseph sulked or got mad at God or stomped around asking God when He planned on doing something about his circumstances.

But Scripture does tell us alot about Joseph during those “waiting years.” He faithfully kept his moral integrity even when it cost him dearly (See the encounter with Potipher’s wife in Genesis 39). He did his best at whatever task God put before him, even as a slave and prisoner. He gave God the credit for His activity. He never blamed God – or even his brothers (See Genesis 50:19-20.)

 Joseph spent thirteen years facing one difficult trial after another. If we merely look at the circumstances it may seem that God’s initial plans for Joseph were derailed. Yet, time and again through the Genesis account we see a deeper truth – God was working; God was actively involved in every moment of Joseph’s life. For example:

  • The Lord was with him and gave him success in everything he did. Gen 39:3
  • God gave Joseph favor in Potipher’s eyes. Gen 39:4
  • The Lord blessed Potipher’s household because of Joseph. Gen 39:5
  • In prison, the Lord was with Joseph, showed him kindness, and granted him favor in the warden’s eye. Gen 39:21
  • The Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did. Gen 39:23
  • The cupbearer remembered Joseph. Gen 41:9
  • God revealed the meaning of  Pharaoh’s dream to Joseph. Gen 41:25


Are you in the middle of difficult circumstances? Are you waiting for God to do something? Has it seemed like forever? I encourage you to be a Joseph. Keep looking for God’s activity. Keep doing your best for God’s glory. Keep trusting. Keep waiting on God.

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