We received some exciting news recently. Our twenty-two year old daughter is getting married this summer. We’re all happy. We love Jeremy, the groom. He is a godly young man who is crazy about our daughter. But with the wedding less than five months away there is much to do! Since I planned to be in Dallas last week anyway, I went a couple of days early to help Kelley get some things accomplished.

Kelley and maid of honor, Teagan in front of our first stop

Kelley and maid of honor, Teagan

The first day we met with the florist and went wedding dress shopping. Watching your oldest baby try on wedding dresses is a sweet, but sad occasion. Snap shots from her childhood kept popping into my head. Her first steps and her first day of school. The blanket she slept with and the crocheted doily she carried around. The big bows she wore in her hair.

But the bows are gone and the blanket is tucked away in a box. The little girl has grown into an independent, capable young woman. She loves the Lord and serves Him faithfully. So, why am I a little bit sad? Soon she’ll have her own home and her own family. And that’s the way God designed it. I am very proud of the woman my daughter has become, but sometimes I miss the girl.

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