In my younger days, I never had to write things down on a calendar. My mind was like a steelcalendar trap; I remembered everything. But now that I’m older – relatively speaking, of course – I really have to keep a close eye on my calendar. But sometimes I forget to check it.

Take this June for example. Two big things were scheduled. First, friends were hosting a bridal shower here for my daughter who lives in another city. Second, I was leading a team of twelve people from our church to Alberta, Canada. In my mind, the shower was on a certain Saturday and I flew out to Canada on the following Friday. Everything was in order. Or was it?

About a month after I purchased my airline ticket I was struck by a horrendous thought. A calendar check confirmed my fear. My flight to Calgary was Friday, June 26th. Kelley’s wedding shower in Texas was Saturday, June 27th. My not-so-young brain had made a terrible mistake.

Failure to double-check my calendar meant the bride’s mother would not be attending the shower. Unless… Unless, I forked out big bucks to have my plane ticket changed. Since I had made plans to go several days ahead of the team to visit friends my schedule had some wiggle room. But last minute flight changes can be very expensive.

I admit I shed a few tears and called a couple of friends before I prayed about the situation. With a wedding and a mission trip to pay for we did not have extra money just lying around begging to be spent to fix my mistakes.

After my wise friend Lisa calmed me down and prayed with me on the phone I called American Airlines. The agent was very understanding. However, it would cost me a $150 change fee plus any difference between what I paid for the ticket and what it currently cost to attend my daughter’s shower.

I waited quietly while she checked. “Well, Mrs. Howard, you’re in luck. The ticket price has gone down $120. So you owe just $30 to make the change.” Hmm… I don’t think “luck” had anything to do with it. As soon as I hung up the phone I thanked God that He cares for people who don’t check their calendars.

Do you ever wonder if God cares about the little things in your life? Just recently I read a small, seemingly insignificant story in 2 Kings 6:1-7. Elisha and some other prophets were constructing a new dwelling place on the banks of the Jordan River. One of them was using a borrowed axe to cut down trees. In the course of the work, the iron axe head came loose and plopped right into the river. The distraught man turned to Elisha for help. After asking the man to point out the place where the axe head disappeared, Elisha tossed a stick into the water. The axe head floated to the top and the man retrieved it!

This little story shows us that God cares about all the little issues and difficulties in our lives – even calendar conflicts. What is troubling you that you think is too small to bother God about? Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7)!

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