My parents, Ray Head and Margaret Addington, were married in Shreveport, Louisiana on October 21, 1960. They’ve spent more than half a century together, raising a family, serving their church and community, and loving each other. That is a legacy of faith, family, and love. I’d like to mark the occasion by sharing just a little about why this is so significant.

1. Legacy of faith – My parents both love Jesus! And they taught me and my brother to do the same. They continue to hold firmly to the hope they have in Christ and now they also share that hope with their grandchildren.

2. Commitment – Faithful, committed marriages unfortunately are the exception rather than the rule these days. My parents know that marriage sometimes take hard work and that you must continue to choose each other, even when sometimes you don’t like each other very much!

3. Expressions of Love – I have never doubted that my parents love me, my brother, and their grandchildren. And I’ve never doubted that they love each other. They openly express their love and affection with words, hugs, or a touch. And it’s obvious to me that they love each today as much or as more than they did when I was a child.

We have a big celebration planned this weekend. Family and friends will gather to mark the occasion and honor two people who have impacted so many. I pray that Wayne and I can follow the example they’ve set and one day mark the moment too. Well, we only have 23 years to go!

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