The following post (it’s a giveaway!) about church is by my author friend Jenny Lee Sulpizio. And it just so happens that I’m a contributor to her brand new book, “For The Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace.” Sometimes we forget how integral church is to living a life of faith. Thanks Jenny for reminding us! This is post is also a giveaway!!! Read below for details.

Church big dealChurch wasn’t a place I visited all that often as a kid; and when I did, I spent most of my time fighting with my brother, rolling my eyes in protest, or poking fun at the music director on stage. Rather than praying for peace, or speaking words of gratitude to my heavenly Father, I found myself pleading for time to pass quickly (like warp speed), so I could get home, take those stuffy church clothes off, and get back to the important things in life—like playing video games, eating Oreos, and watching cartoons.

Needless to say, I missed out on a whole lot by not understanding the purpose of going to church, or why I needed to be there in the first place. I didn’t get this desire others had to head off to a house of worship each week—with a bunch of strangers—to praise God, together. As a kid, I failed to understand the point of it all.

However, as an adult…as a grown woman with a slew of problems and too many broken places to count, it was a haven I needed to revisit…a place I needed to give another chance.

It’s crazy how things change.

It wasn’t until I was emotionally desperate and spiritually destitute that I found myself back in the one spot I never (as in ever) thought I’d return to: church. And it was then—at that point—that I began to appreciate why people voluntarily went there. Upon my return, I was re-introduced to Jesus in a whole new way. And it was there that I realized why I never wanted to spend another Sunday morning outside those church walls. I needed this place—this church. I desired to hear God’s Word, and I wanted that challenge to live my life according to His will. As for my fellow parishioners, I wanted these people around me—their prayers, their knowledge, support, and their fellowship.

I needed this place—this sanctuary–this refuge from the world.

Friends, so many today look at the church the same way I once did. They’re not interested in learning about God, just as they couldn’t care less about knowing (or becoming) Christians. They see us and they don’t always see the Lord, do they? Indeed, the church has gotten a bad rap for sure. It’s an imperfect representation of a perfect God, Amen? However, we can change this perception. You and I? We can link arms together and reach out to those in need of knowing our heavenly father. Those who have yet to hear about His message or feel His love. Those who continue to struggle just like I did.Love God

The church exists for us—God’s people—and for our redemption and restoration. She exists for the world and it’s time they hear it. It’s time they know…

Believer, what does “church” mean to you? How has God grown your understanding of His church? (I am giving away a copy of Jenny’s new book! Leave a comment to enter once. Share this post on Facebook to enter a 2nd time. Just be sure to leave a second comment telling us you entered again! Winner will be drawn at 5pm on Saturday, November 15th!))

Jenny Lee SulpizioJenny Lee Sulpizio is a Christian mom, wife, and author of the recently released, For the Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace. She and her husband Michael reside in the uber warm state of Arizona with their three children. Connect with Jenny online by visiting her website and joining the #Godsgirl movement:






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