Have you ever wondered where God was while you suffered through trouble and difficulty? Maybe you questioned why He allowed these trials into your life.

God never promised Christians that our lives would be trouble-free. In fact, Scripture clearly shows that God chooses to work in the midst of our difficulties to transform our lives. But how do we get through them? How do we see God’s activity and sense His presence when the storms rage around us?

In her new book, When You Can’t Find God, award-winning author Linda Evans Shepherd, declares we can live as victors of our troubles instead of victims. Grounded in the truth of Scripture, Shepherd practically shows how we can find real joy and rest in the midst of our pain.

The advice and encouragement Shepherd offers in this book were wrought from hard-lived experience. Here’s a brief excerpt from the book that shares the author’s greatest challenge:

I also thought of my own pain. It had been twenty years since a violent car crash had hurled my baby, while still in her car seat, into the middle of the freeway. Though my child had finally returned to me from her year-long coma, I’d been heartbroken when she’d woken up with severe disabilities. Oh, I understood pain and difficulties – I’d wrestled with them then, and I still face circumstances today that bring me pain.

Shepherd shows readers how to see God in any circumstance, even when it’s hard. She offers strategies for surviving difficult times, giving your troubles to God, praying through the pain, and finding peace, hope, and joy once more. She also shows readers how to use their sorrows as a tool to draw nearer to God.

The book includes a Bible study and discussion guide to be used with a small group. Shepherd also provides a short video to enhance each chapter on the book’s website,  Ignite My Faith. Purchase the book now.

Thank you Linda for sharing your heart and experience with us!

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