Who is The Church Lady? You may have an image in your mind of Dana Carvey dressed up like a gray-haired old woman in baggy hose. If you’re not old enough to remember this judgmental Saturday Night Live character, then you may think The Church Lady is a self-righteous woman who hits people over the head with her Bible. And some of you may picture the sweet, godly elderly lady who sits on the third pew at your church every Sunday.

Chandra & I had lunch this week. This is my signed copy!

My guess is that 99% of you reading this have a stereotypical view of The Church Lady. Friends, it’s time to tear down wrong images and allow the real Church Lady to step forward. My friend Chandra Peele has just released an exciting new book, Church Lady: Freed to Be a Woman of God. Chandra asked me to endorse the book, so I read it before it even went to print.

Here’s my endorsement:  Do you consider yourself a “Church Lady?” If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ then you are! In her book, “The Church Lady,” Chandra Peele tears down the old stereotype and breaks through preconceptions by painting a beautiful portrait of the Church Lady like God sees her. You will laugh, cry, cheer, and perhaps cringe as Chandra illustrates biblical truth through the stories of Church Ladies she has encountered all across the glove. She also personally and transparently shares her own journey to become the Church Lady God desires her to be. You will be encouraged. You will be challenged. But more importantly, you’ll find the freedom to be the Church Lady God designed you to be.

For years, Chandra has been asking Christian women if they consider themselves a “church lady.” Guess what? Nobody wanted to be one! Chandra also got three responses over and over:

  1. I’m not old enough to be a Church Lady.
  2. I’m not good enough to be a Church Lady.
  3. Please! Don’t call me a church lady because she is legalistic and judgmental.

Hear Chandra’s heart on what it means to be a Church Lady:

It’s heartbreaking that we’ve allowed the reputation of God’s daughters to become so tarnished.  Let’s reclaim the name and humbly, yet proudly consider it an honor to be called a Church Lady.  Can you see the damage done? Satan loves the fact that God’s daughters have been lumped into one negative stereotype regardless of our love for God, service to people and reflection of Christ.  We must lovingly and boldly reclaim the name.

 In Church Lady, I hope to shatter the stereotype and redefine the Church Lady. My hope is that the Lord will use these real stories, of real Church ladies, to set free those who may be held hostage by their past. For those who have been misguided or misunderstood.  Your heart is sure to be touched, perhaps changed. More than anything I pray you are freed-freed to be the woman God created you to be!

 Now…look in the mirror. Who is the church lady? You, woman of God, are the Church Lady!

Do you want to be a church lady? Do you long to be known as someone who belongs to God?

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