If I’m remembering correctly, I’ve sent cards to friends and family every Christmas since the year Wayne and I married. That would make 30 Decembers in a row. I even remained faithful to the task through difficulty and change. (Do you hear the drama building?)

  • Even the year I had a baby on November 30th.
  • Even as the number of cards we received each year continued to dwindle.
  • Even as more and more people simply sent their greetings by social media or email.
  • Even the year we moved from Texas to Canada the first week of January.

This sounds like bragging, doesn’t it? Even though there’ve been many legitimate reasons for doing it, I admit that some part of me wanted others to see how “jolly” and “together” I was.

ChristmasCardWell, this year I’m not doing it. I’ve purposefully chosen to break the Christmas card sending streak.

In my, eh, “maturity,” I’ve finally admitted that I can’t do everything. There is a limit to my time, energy, and sanity. And if I exhaust it all on the relatively small things there is nothing left for the things that matter most. Like connecting with people in real life and contemplating the infant King we celebrate.

So I chose to get away with the hubby for our 30th anniversary and then spend a few quality days with my parents. In fact, when you read this, more than likely I’ll be on my way to mom and dad’s to pick them up for a two, fun-filled days in Branson, MO! I swapped hours hunched over a stack of greeting cards for real time with family. When I let that go I breathed a great sigh of relief. A little less stress this Christmas and a little more joy.

Sending cards is a good thing and I may do it again next year. But this year, I’ve chosen the better over the good.

What time-consuming tradition consumes a lot of your time? What would happen if you didn’t do it? What could you do instead?



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