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I’ve received a lot of messages over the last couple of weeks asking me if I plan to leave Facebook and set up camp on another social media platform.

Yes, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Big tech and leading social media platforms have flexed their powerful muscles. And no, my biblical values don’t agree with many of their policies, stands, and actions.

But, that shouldn’t surprise us. The world and its ways have always been in conflict with God and His unchanging standards. Lost people will act like lost people. It reflects their desperate need for Jesus.

Which is exactly why God sends us, His people, out into the world. It is filled with lost people in need of a Savior. They need to hear the life-giving message of Jesus.

People who need to hear the life-changing message of the Gospel gather on Facebook – and other social media platforms. Jesus commissioned us to take the Good News to the world and the world is on Facebook. In some ways Facebook is a dark place. But without voices to share the Light of the world, it would be even darker.

What Did Jesus Say?

Jesus did not tell us to separate ourselves from the world. He did not tell us to judge the world. And yet that’s what Christians so often do. Perhaps it’s because removing ourselves from the culture is easier than what Jesus does command us to do. Here’s a sampling:
  • He told us to go out into the world, but not to be like it (John 17:15-19).
  • He told us to take the Good News of His salvation to every corner of the earth (Matthew 28:19-20).
  • He told us to be the salt of preservation in a corrupt world and a light that dispels the darkness of a dying humanity (Matthew 5:13-16).

For more information on the Scriptural foundation see “Should Christians Judge the World?”

God wants us to change the world, but not be changed by the world. His call requires discipline, diligence, and constant dependence on the Holy Spirit. And I certainly don’t always get it right, but I’m trying to follow God in this. (You may also want to see “Should Christians Boycott?”)

Social Media Ministry

The concept of social media is neither good or bad. It is neutral. It all depends on how it’s used. Yes, it can be misused in many ways. But God can also use it for His purposes.

I have an ongoing ministry on Facebook. There are more than 1,500 women from all over the world in the private group “Reading the Bible Together.” I post daily Bible readings with commentary and questions for discussion. The group is very active and the members encourage and support one another. This ministry helps women stay in God’s Word, teaches them how to study, and challenges them to apply God’s truth to their lives. This vital ministry grows every day. God led me to start this ministry and has not called me away from it.

Since I feel God leading me to stay on Facebook for now, I’m trying to be especially careful about what I say there. Of course, I will NOT compromise the Gospel/God’s truth. But I am avoiding politics and other non-Gospel-centered topics that might get me censored or banned. I can’t share the Gospel with the lost if my voice is silenced. (I’d love for you to connect with me on Facebook.)
I am also aware that a time may come when Facebook and I have irreconcilable differences. So, if you aren’t already on my email list, I’d be honored if you’d sign up. That was we can stay in touch! (You can do that right from my website! Look for the “Sign Up for My Newsletter” box!) I am researching other social media options. For instance, I did open a MeWe account! If you are there, I’d love for you to connect with me! Here’s my profile!

What spiritual principles do you see in Scripture that may apply to this topic? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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