Lavish Grace Bible Reading PlanAre you embracing the abundant, grace-filled life God offers or have you underestimated His Lavish Grace? God’s free-flowing river of grace runs through every area of our lives, yet sometimes we fail to jump in.

This 3-week “Lavish Grace” Bible reading plan will help you recognize, rest in, and share the glorious grace of God. This plan is a supplemental resource for Kathy’s 9-week Bible study, “Lavish Grace.” Each week of the reading plan corresponds to the 3 sections of the study. God’s grace is:

  1. Poured Out on us in salvation and for our continued transformation
  2. Poured Through us as we become channels of God’s grace to others in practical ways.
  3. Overflowing in the inevitable difficult seasons where we need to rest in and rely on Him.

Use the plan on its own or along with the study!


Download and print the reading plan

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