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Kathy has encouraged spiritual seekers, mentored new Christians, and taught maturing Christians. Over the years she has developed and collected numerous discipleship tools to help individuals in their commitment to follow Christ. You are welcome to use these tools in your personal discipleship.

Click each title below to expand and view content. Download a PDF file or Word Document represented by the icon for each quarter. Most of these resources are FREE. The Deep Rooted Daily Enhanced Bible Reading Guides are available to download at a small cost. 

Online Bible Studies

Kathy has done several Bible study series through her blog. All the posts in each series are still available. Feel free to use and share the following studies:

Bible Reading Plans

Book by Book 2023 – This 52-week, 5-day per week plan covers 15 Bible books, alternating between Old and New Testament books. Kathy used this plan with her online Bible reading group in 2023.

Book by Book 2019This 52-week, 5-day per week plan covers 19 Bible books, alternating between Old and New Testament books. Kathy used this plan with her online Bible reading group in 2019.

Book by Book 2020This 52-week, 5-day per week plan covers 16 Bible books, alternating between Old and New Testament books. Kathy used this plan with her online Bible reading group in 2020. This plan covers different books than the 2019 plan.

Book by Book 2021 – This 52-week, 5-day per week plan covers 11 Bible books, alternating between Old and New Testaments books. Kathy used this plan with her online Bible reading group in 2021. This plan covers different books than the 2020 plan.

Book by Book 2022 – This 52-week, 5-day per week plan covers 7 Bible books, alternating between Old and New Testament books. Kathy is using this plan with her online Bible reading group in 2022. This plan covers different books than the 2021 plan.

Deep Rooted Daily Enhanced Bible Reading GuidesThese resources are not devotionals or Bible studies. They are expanded Bible reading plans with questions and prompts designed to guide you to understand and apply what you read. Some readings have brief commentary that shares helpful information. These PDF downloads are available for a small cost.

Lavish Grace 3-week Bible Reading Plan – Do you need a fresh awareness of God’s lavish grace? This plan will help you recognize, rest in, and share the glorious grace of God. (This plan is also a supplemental resource for Kathy’s 9-week Bible study, “Lavish Grace.” Each week of the reading plan corresponds to the 3 sections of the study. Use it with the study or on its own.)

Christian Doctrine (52 weeks)
Learn more about the foundational doctrines (beliefs) of the Christian faith. The first quarter of the year highlights different attributes of God. By April you will know more about who God is!

    • PDF    First Quarter – “Theology,” the study of God and His character.
    • PDF    Second Quarter – The nature of the Bible, mankind, & Christ.
    • PDF    Third Quarter – “Soteriology,” the study of salvation.
    • PDF    Fourth Quarter – The Holy Spirit, the Church, and the End times
    • All four quarters in one PDF.

Key Bible Characters Reading Plan (52 Weeks) PDF

Renew your commitment to God’s Word for the New Year. Spend 5 days a week discovering how God wove individual lives into His overall plan! From Abraham, Moses, and David to Peter, John, and Paul, God still uses His people in the Scriptures to impact His people today. With the life and work of Jesus Christ central to this Bible reading plan, it’s a daily experience you won’t want to miss.

Chronological Reading Plan (52 Weeks) PDF

Spend a year getting familiar with the big picture of the Bible. Read through all the major stories and key passages in five days a week.

New Start 15 (3 Weeks) 

This weekday, 3-week plan was created to go with the New Start 15 emphasis on holiness, but can be used any time! And here’s the New Start 15 Blog Schedule!

New Testament in One Year PDF

This handy daily Bible reading guide will take you through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs in one year.

Lamb’s Quiet Time Guide (52 Weeks) PDF

Kathy’s pastor, Dr. Doug Lamb, developed this plan to read through the entire Bible in one year. He is glad to share it with you.

3-Year Bible Reading Plan

      This plan takes you through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, over a 3-year period.

Paul’s Life and Writings (10 Weeks) Paul Bible Reading Plan

This 10-week Bible reading plan chronologically melds Paul’s life and ministry with his letters. The plan includes 5 days of reading per week.

Prayer Helps

  • Biblical Meditation- Biblical meditation is the practice of filling our minds with Scripture in a way to understand it, apply it, and be transformed by its truth. This post includes a free download to help you PROBE!
  • The 5 P’s of the Lord’s Prayer – Each “P” word represents a particular type or kind of prayer found in Jesus’ prayer example. The “Ps” is simply an easy to remember the scope our prayers should cover overall.
  • Terror Attack Prayer Guide- This guide list categories for prayer and specific ways to pray in the wake of a terrorist attack. You can download and print the guide.
  • 21 Ways to Pray for other Christians – The vast majority of prayer examples are spiritual in nature. Here’s a list of twenty-one things from Scripture you can use to better pray for the spiritual needs of others. Keep praying! .
  • Sharing Jesus Prayer GuidePDF– Do you know someone that needs to know Jesus? This guide is full of Scripture and prompts to help you pray for yourself and them as you share the good news of Jesus.

Discipleship Tools

  • Quiet Time Tips – PDF icon Word iconDo you need a little encouragement or direction for the time you spend with God? Check out these suggestions for strengthening your daily quiet time.
  • 4 R Bible Study Method – This method is a simple way to dig deeper into any Bible passage. You don’t need any extra resources to Read, Record, Recognize, and Reflect. 
  • Bible Highlighting – This color-coding system helps you dissect and digest a Bible passage for more effective reading and study. 
  • 4 Tips to Help You Understand the Bible – Bible students need to consider genre, context, the meta-narrative of Scripture, and the rest of Scripture to properly understand any passage.
  • 4 Things to Consider for Biblical Context – Things like the literary context, context of the book, and the historical and cultural context all impact how we should understand any Bible verse or passage.
  • PROBE – These 5 probing questions help you meditate on any Bible passage. Print the PROBE worksheet for future use!
  • Bible Study Resources: PDF icon Word icon If you are serious about studying the Bible then consider building a library of resources to help you. These basic tools that will be helpful no matter what topic, book, or character you’re studying.
  • How Biblical Genre Impacts Our Understanding – The genre (literary style) greatly impacts how we should interpret and apply any Bible book or passage. Here are 8 biblical genres with tips for understanding.
  • Online Bible Study Tools:  This list of online sites includes tools to assist you in your study of the Bible.
  • Discipleship Evaluation: PDF icon This simple checklist will help you evaluate the quality of your discipleship to Jesus.
  • Spiritual Goals Worksheet: PDF iconWord icon This planning tool lists specific areas of discipleship such as time with God, ministry, service, and Christian education.
  • Eight Traits for Rock-Solid Living: PDF icon Word icon Do you want a faith that will withstand all the storms of life? These 8 characteristics of Peter’s faith can help you stand firm.
  • Family Vacation Devotional Guide:  PDF icon  Download this 7-Day Family Devotional Guide to use on that next road trip or family vacation. The guide includes a Scripture passage to read, very brief commentary, and 3-4 discussion questions to get the family talking!

Scripture Memory

  • Scripture Memory Tips: PDF icon Word icon You know God wants you to memorize His Word, but you aren’t sure how to do it. These tips will get you going and prepare you for success.
  • 8 Activities to Help You Memorize Scripture: Use these activities to enhance your memory and utilize your own learning style.
  • Topical Scripture Memory Plan: PDF icon Word icon Choose Scriptures to memorize from this list of topics such as salvation, peace, faith, and strength.
  • Salvation Basics Scripture Memory Plan: PDF icon Word iconDo you know enough of God’s Word to share your faith? This plan lists the Scriptures you need to know. Choose one or two passages to memorize per month.
  • One per Week Scripture Memory Plan: PDF icon Word icon If you are ready to really hide God’s Word in your heart this list of fifty-two Scriptures to memorize is for you.
  • One per Week Scripture Memory Plan (Spanish Version) PDF icon
  • A Section a Month Scripture Memory Plan: PDF icon Word icon This list includes longer, well-known passages like “the armor of God.” This plan is for anyone who wants to spend more time learning larger chunks of Scripture.

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