Why invite Kathy?

Kathy Howard challenges women across North America to live an unshakeable faith for life no matter the circumstances. A former “cultural Christian,” Kathy encourages women to stand firm on our rock-solid God through trials and persecution or ease and success by embracing real, authentic faith. Her speaking and teaching, which is practical and full of “learned by experience” stories, will help women:

  • Cling to God through troubles and trials to find strength, protection, comfort, and guidance
  • Build a faith that will withstand difficulty, persecution, ease, and success
  • Develop the courage to follow God even when it means taking a risk
  • Connect the wisdom and guidance of God’s Word to the decisions you face each day
  • Find relevance for life in your relationship with God
  • Gain satisfaction and joy through a deeper, more intimate relationship with God
  • Recognize and live in the lavish abundance of God’s unbounded grace

Sample Teaching Videos

Kathy is a pro. Her skill as a speaker coupled with her “heart after God” is an unbeatable combination. Everything Kathy teaches she has learned in the trenches of ministry.
Connie Cavanaugh

International speaker, writer, and author of From Faking it to Finding Grace

Kathy Howard is one of my favorite Bible teachers. She is solid, clear, and the real thing. I would recommend her to anyone anywhere anytime!
Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Author of Live a Praying Life, Hearts Cry, and The Power of Small , Founder of The Praying Life Foundation

Sample Topics

Practical Help for Understanding God’s Word (One-hour Workshop)

In this one-hour long workshop, Kathy teaches a simple inductive Bible study method and equips attendees with lots of practical tools so they can read God’s Word with excitement and feel confident they can understand its meaning. Kathy LOVES to teach this workshop and women ALWAYS respond with excitement!


Want to leave a legacy that matters for eternity? In this keynote talk Kathy shares generational stories and practical tips that will help you spiritually impact your children and their children.

Lavish Grace

God doesn’t merely give us enough grace. He lavishes it on us with abundance! God gives us more grace than we need to not only survive life’s difficulties, but to thrive through it all. Kathy will help you discover God’s overflowing grace in your every day life and will challenge you to extend grace to those around you. “Lavish Grace” can be adapted for a one, two, or three-session format. Perfect topic for a retreat setting.

The Game of Life

Do you long for peace? Contentment? Real community? The world around us only fosters anxiety, discontent, and isolation. Kathy will take you on a journey through Philippians to discover God’s path to find true peace in an anxious world and lasting contentment in a world of the perpetual upgrade. This topic can be given in one, two, three, or four sessions.  

Deep Roots & Abundant Fruit

 God longs for us to thrive in our relationship with Him. He wants us to know Him deeply. He desires for our lives to produce fruit that lasts. This two-session topic explore the life of true discipleship.

More Topics >

A few years ago when I became a Christian I still had many unanswered questions. Reluctant and apprehensive, I joined a Bible study for seekers and new Christians taught by Kathy Howard. After just one class, I didn’t want to miss a week. Kathy was able to explain the Bible in a way I could understand. Nothing was off limits. Any questions I had were answered clearly in a down-home manner, combining a good dose of love with an unthinkable understanding of Scripture.
Sandi Richard

Creator and host of Food Network Canada’s Fixing Dinner and author of six Cooking for the Rushed cookbooks

Sample Workshops

Slaughtering the Sacred Cow of Busyness (workshop)

Do you feel as though your calendar rules your life? We don’t have to be slaves to the busy lifestyle our culture worships. From Scripture, Kathy will show you the difference between a busy life and the “full” life God promises us. With practical guidance, Kathy will help you break the cycle of “busy” and find God’s purposes for you and your family. This topic can be presented as a 30-45 minute talk or given as a hands-on, 60-minute workshop.

Growing on Purpose (workshop)

Spiritual transformation and growth is something only God can accomplish. However, He demands our obedient cooperation! This workshop will help you develop and commit to a personal plan for spiritual growth.

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders (workshop)

If you lead a small group or Bible study class, you will influence the members. You don’t have to have a seminary education or decades of experience to make a positive spiritual impact. Effective leaders have some common characteristics. This workshop highlights 7 that you can incorporate into your leadership style!

Being the Leader Your Small Group Needs (workshop)

This interactive workshop will equip you to meet the needs of your unique group. Learn how to:

  • Involve the entire group in effective discussion
  • Handle group dynamics and different personalities
  • Identify and train new leaders
  • Work with people of varying levels of spiritual maturity including seekers and new Christians

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