The internet can be both dangerous and wonderful. It’s filled with many things that are not emotionally or spiritually healthy for us. BUT, it also provides us with some great online Bible study resources and tools. And many of them are FREE!

I still love printed resources and I have quite a few. But, I also supplement my study with online resources, tools, and writings. Just keep in mind that everything you find on the internet will not necessarily be biblical. Check everything you find against the truth of God’s Word.

A Word about Resources

You don’t HAVE to use extra resources to study God’s Word. These are supplemental. All Christians have the indwelling Holy Spirit that help us understand Scripture. With the proper study techniques we can do rich, meaningful Bible study on our own. (For a solid Bible study method see “The 4 R Bible Study Method for Everyday Use.”)

A Few Online Bible Study Resources to Try

The following are a few online resources to investigate. (If you’re interested knowing how to look up the original languages see “Resources to Study the Bible’s Greek and Hebrew Words.”)

1. The Gospel Coalition

  • Background information on every Bible book
  • Theology
  • Church History

2. Precept Austin

  • Commentaries
  • Information on every Bible book
  • Word studies

3. Blue Letter Bible

  • Outlines, charts, maps, Strong’s, Commentaries, Lots of misc.
  • Original language

4. The Bible Project– This video-driven resource has word studies, Bible book overviews, visual commentaries and more.

5. The Spoken Gospel

  • Video overviews of almost every Bible book
  • Bible studies, devotionals, and podcasts

6. Bible Hub

  • Search and study tools including parallel texts
  • Cross references
  • Treasury of Scripture and commentaries plus access to topical studies, interlinears, sermons, Strong’s and many more resources

7. Study Light

  • Bible commentaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Lexicons
  • Original language tools

8. Bible History

  • Drawings and photos
  • Timelines and calendars
  • Archeology

9. Christian Classics Ethereal Library  Writings of the old Church Fathers

10. A Group Study Opportunity – “Reading the Bible Together”

I lead an ongoing women’s Bible reading and discussion group on Facebook. We work through one Bible book at a time.

The doable-sized daily readings and questions post Monday through Friday at 5am CT so it’s ready when you are. Schedule your time in God’s Word and drop in to leave a comment when it works for you. 

This closed group is a safe place for women to discuss Scripture and encourage each other in our lives of faith. To join, visit “Reading the Bible Together,” request to join, and answer the three quick questions.

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