Deep Rooted Daily: Enhanced Bible Reading Guides

God has revealed Himself, His ways, and purposes to us in the Bible. If we want to know Him more fully and please Him with our lives, we must plant ourselves in His Word. Then, as our spiritual roots grow deep in Scripture, we will become healthy, vibrant, and fruitful disciples of Christ.

However, many Christians lack confidence when it comes to handling Scripture. We aren’t sure where to read, how to understand what we read, or how to apply it. There are many devotionals and Bible studies available that will do much of the work for us. But there’s no substitute for going to the Word for ourselves. 

Still sometimes we need a little direction. That’s why I’ve created the Deep Rooted Daily Reading Guides.

These resources are not devotionals or Bible studies. They are expanded Bible reading plans with questions and prompts designed to guide you to understand and apply what you read. Some readings have brief commentary that shares helpful information. These guides are available for a small cost.

Deep Rooted Daily Enhanced Reading Guides

I will be adding to this collection regularly. Here are the Deep Rooted Daily guides that are currently available. To purchase the PDF download, click on the link under the image.

$ 5 Five-Day Reading Guide through Book of Ruth

$ 6 Ten-Day Reading Guide through 1 & 2 Thessalonians

$ 9 Twenty-Day Reading Guide through Daniel

$ 8 Twenty-Day Reading Guide through Ecclesiastes

These Deep Rooted Daily Enhanced Bible Reading Guides provides a framework to help you read and study the Bible on your own. They are formatted around the 4 R Bible study method, which is an inductive study method simple enough to use every day. Each day you will Read the passage, Record your observations, Reflect on the meaning, and finally Respond to God’s Word. 

Titus Bible Study

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