Not currently using a Bible reading plan? Start this one Monday and it will take you to the New Year!

Bible Reading planThe Apostle Paul’s life and writings dominate the New Testament. Much of doctrine of faith came from God through Paul’s pen. The “Roman Road,” the lavishness of God’s grace in Ephesians, God’s strength for us in trials, and the role of the church.

This 10-week Bible reading plan chronologically melds Paul’s life and ministry with his letters. The plan includes 5 days of reading per week, each roughly about 30-40 verses. The two “off” days give you plenty of time to catch up when needed, making this a worthwhile, but doable plan.

This Bible Reading Plan is the perfect length to take you through the end of 2015. Maybe life got in the way and your daily time in God’s Word fell to the wayside. Maybe you’re ready to commit to regularly being in God’s Word for the very first time. This plan is for you!

 Download and print the PDF. Feel free to share!

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