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Difficulties and trials often bombard our lives and threaten to shake our faith in God. We can stand firm on the Rock of our salvation no matter what comes our way. In this first session, Kathy will help us remember 5 truths to stand on when emotions try to lead us astray. In the second session, Kathy will show us 4 ways to rest in God’s grace when the going gets tough. This topic is usually presented in 2 sessions, but could be adapted for a one or three session format.

Lavish Grace

God doesn’t merely give us enough grace. He lavishes it on us with abundance! Kathy will help you discover God’s overflowing grace in your every day life and will challenge you to extend grace to those around you. “Lavish Grace” can be adapted for a one, two, or three-session format. Perfect topic for a retreat setting.

The Game of Life

Do you long for peace? Contentment? The world around us only fosters anxiety and discontent. Kathy will take you on a journey through Philippians 4 to discover God’s path to find true peace in an anxious world and lasting contentment in a world of the perpetual upgrade. This topic can be given in one, two, or three sessions.

Slaughtering the Sacred Cow of Busyness

Do you feel as though your calendar rules your life? We don’t have to be slaves to the busy lifestyle our culture worships. From Scripture, Kathy will show you the difference between a busy life and the “full” life God promises us. With practical guidance, Kathy will help you break the cycle of “busy” and find God’s purposes for you and your family. This topic can be presented as a 30-45 minute talk or given as a hands-on, 60-minute workshop.

Fed Up with Flat Faith

Desperate. Dry. Flat. Do those words describe your faith? Kathy will show you how to prepare your heart and life God’s work and help you discover a passionate, connected faith. Based on her own life experience, Kathy shares foundational spiritual truths and practical faith principles to help you shift your attitude and behavior so God can PUMP-UP your FLAT faith. This topic works well for a 3-4 session retreat. High-heeled shoes can be used for a fun, decorating theme!

Rocks & Diamonds

Do you desire to build a strong legacy of faith for your family, church, and community? Kathy will show you how to “Be a Rock” and “Give Diamonds.” This flexible topic can be given in a one, two, or three-session format. Great topic for Mother’s Day or mothers’ events. Embraced by Holiness Do you long to linger in God’s presence and rest in the circle of His embrace? A life of holiness fosters this kind of intimacy with our holy God. Embrace holiness and be embraced by the Holy One! Kathy will help you understand what holiness looks like in every day life and how believers can embrace lives of holiness in an unholy world. This topic is great for a multiple session retreat setting.

Faith and Friendship

God designed women to need other women, yet with our busy lifestyles our female friendships are one of the first things we let go. Kathy shows the importance of girlfriends to our faith and our general well-being and then gives us practical encouragement to help us build and foster meaningful friendships.

Less-stress Christmas

The Christmas season does not have to be overwhelming. In this seasonal variation of “Slaughtering the Sacred Cow of Busyness,” Kathy will show you how to hang on to the important and let go of the rest in order to have a truly joyous Christmas. This one-session topic is perfect for holiday banquets and events.

Christmas Miracles

Perfect for your holiday event! Kathy shares the miracles of Christmas and the glorious news that God still works miracles today.

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