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ENJOY GOD’S WORD 2022 ROMANS DEEP DIVE – This online Bible study conference is April 28-30, 2022. Katie Orr, along with other excellent Bible teachers, will lead an in-depth study of Romans 8! I will be leading a breakout session in this conference! 

DEEP ROOTED: GROWING THROUGH THE BOOK OF ACTS” – Find out more about this 50-day devotional.

HEIRLOOM: LIVING & LEAVING A LEGACY OF FAITH – Find out more about Kathy’s new 52-day devotional book!

“DEEP ROOTED: GROWING THROUGH THE GOSPEL OF MARK” – Find out more about this 40-day devotional 

PROBE – These 5 probing questions help you meditate on any Bible passage. Print the PROBE worksheet for future use!

FREE RESOURCES  – Bible reading plans, Bible studies, prayer helps, quiet time tips, Scripture memory helps and lots more! 

“30 DAYS OF HOPE WHEN CARING FOR AGING PARENTS” –  Spiritual encouragement for caregivers

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WANT TO KNOW JESUS? – What it means to have a saving relationship with Jesus? 

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