Deep Rooted: Growing through the Gospel of Mark

Deep Rooted: Growing through the Gospel of Mark

Nurture a delight for God’s Word that keeps you rooted and growing.

Want to experience regular spiritual nourishment from the Bible, but not sure how to start? Deep Rooted, a 40-day devotional journey through the life and ministry of Jesus, will show you how to interact with and apply Scripture, not just read it. These meaty, daily devotions use a simple study framework to help you:

  • Develop a regular habit of spending quality time in God’s Word
  • Know Jesus more fully and intimately
  • Learn how to dig into Scripture yourself
  • Be transformed by God’s Word, not just informed
  • Practically live out the truths you discover in Scripture
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About the Book

In Deep Rooted: Growing through the Gospel of Mark, Kathy Howard’s seminary education, passion for God’s Word, and vast Bible teaching experience come together in a unique devotional experience. Finally, a daily devotional with some meat on its bones!

Christians with an ongoing, committed relationship with God’s Word are like sturdy, healthy trees with roots deep in a life-giving water source (Psalm 1). Many Christians long for this, but either don’t know how to interact with Scripture or need help and encouragement to develop a regular habit. Deep Rooted, a 40-day devotional through the Gospel of Mark, is designed to help Christians get in, delight in, and apply God’s Word. In addition to a key verse and brief commentary or illustration, each 700-word devotion will utilize the 4-R inductive Bible study method. Readers will be prompted to READ a Scripture passage, RECORD what they see in the text, REFLECT on God’s meaning, and to ask God how they should RESPOND to His Word. Deep Rooted will:

  • Show readers how to interact with God’s Word, not just read it
  • Teach readers how to reflect on and respond to God’s Word
  • Help readers develop a daily habit of being in the Bible
  • Foster a delight for God’s Word that keeps readers coming back for more
  • Encourage spiritual growth and stability
Series: Deep Rooted Devotional Series
Genre: Devotional
Tags: Bible study, Devotional
Publisher: Bold Vision Books
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B08R133822
ISBN: 1946708542
List Price: $13.95
eBook Price: $4.99
Kathy knows her Bible. She loves the Word of God and she is a gifted communicator of biblical truth. If you want to know, love, and understand your Bible more, Deep Rooted will help you move forward on all three. Through relevant stories, helpful insights, and a simple, easy-to-follow framework for daily study, Kathy will lead you through a refreshing walk in the book of Mark. Enjoy these forty days in the Word!
– Katie Orr, author of Secrets of the Happy Soul
Kathy Howard's love for God's word is a gift to us all. Deep-Rooted takes us through the gospel of Mark in a format that keeps the reader wanting to come back for more. I loved this 40-day devotional and how it immersed me in the truth of the gospel!
– Debbie Alsdorf, Author of The Faith Dare, Deeper and It's Momplicated
I was so glad to see that Kathy Howard's "Deep Rooted" devotional is unlike most other devotional books I have read. This book is not your typical fluffy, surface level kind of devotional that seeks to present the reader with merely an inspirational pep talk. No, Kathy's words point you right to the deep and powerful truths of the gospel while connecting you with practical, easy to understand application. I especially appreciated the daily reflection questions and how they move the reader to dig deeper into God's Word on their own.
– Amy Hale, Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, & Instagram Influencer
Deep Rooted takes us deep into the Bible with the grace and skill of a surgeon. For forty days the brilliant scalpel removes what needs to go and builds up what needs to stay. As a Bible teacher I've done many devotionals, but Kathy gets to the heart of the Gospel of Mark like no one I've seen. You will be rooted and ready to bear fruit after reading this book.
– Gari Meacham, CEO of The Vine Uganda and author of Spirit Hunger, Watershed Moments, Be Free and Truly Fed
"I absolutely love Kathy Howard's Deep-Rooted, because it's more than devotional book of simple readings on the book of Mark. It teaches the reader how to dig in to scripture, think about it, understand it, and apply it to one's life. I highly recommend this for new and more experienced students of God's Word."
– Janet Holm McHenry, author of 24 books including the bestselling PrayerWalk and the Bible studies Stronger Every Day and Training for Success
Because I love both devotionals that take me deep and meaty studies of God’s Word, author Kathy Howard’s new book Deep Rooted satisfies on all levels! Not only is the reader inspired with how the Bible intersects with her real life, but in the process of working through all the sections of each day – Read, Record, Reflect, and Respond – we come away with a full knowledge of Christ’s life as recorded in the gospel of Mark. This is an incredibly valuable resource for daily prayer and study time, and I hope you will get one for yourself and someone who’d love to start the New Year rooted deeply in the hope and power of Christ.
– Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author of award-winning devotionals “Life-Giving Choices” and “Dwelling Places”
If we’re honest, faithfully reading our Bible remains a struggle for many of us. We don’t understand it, feel like we must be missing something, or wonder what and where to begin reading. Kathy Howard brings the life and work of Jesus to us in stunning display in her devotional Deep-Rooted. If you want to understand the great drama of the gospel story and feel the awe and wonder his disciples experienced standing in his presence and witnessing his miracles, Deep-Rooted is the perfect place to begin. A must read for a new believer and a wonderful awakening for those familiar with the gospel accounts, Deep Rooted proves to be the deep strengthening every one of us need to live in security in a shifting world.
– Erica Wiggenhorn- Bible teacher and author of Unexplainable Jesus: Rediscovering the God You Thought You Knew by Moody Publishers
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