Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans

Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans

Recapture the wonder of the gospel.

Maybe you’ve forgotten the abundant riches of God’s grace. The gospel isn’t just a statement of faith. It is more than hope for eternity. The gospel of Jesus is the power of God for your life today. Recapture the awe of your life in Christ with this 40-day pilgrimage through the book of Romans. In this volume of Deep Rooted you will:

  • Gain a fresh awareness of God’s lavish, saving grace
  • Sit and soak in the deep truths of the gospel
  • Find practical help for living a victorious, Spirit-empowered life
  • Develop a burden for the spiritually lost
  • Cultivate a gospel-soaked faith

Finally! A devotional with meat on its bones!

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About the Book

Like the rest of the Deep Rooted devotional series, the Romans volume walks you through one book of the Bible. In addition to a key verse and brief commentary or illustration, each daily devotion is formatted around the simple 4-R inductive Bible study method. You will be guided to READ a Scripture passage, RECORD what you observe, REFLECT on your observations, and then ask God how you should RESPOND. These meaty, daily devotions will increase your hunger for God’s Word, encourage spiritual growth and stability, and lay the groundwork for a life-long, spiritually-healthy habit.

Deep Rooted readers will:

  • Be transformed by God’s Word, not just informed
  • Become increasingly hungry for God’s Word
  • Learn practical ways to apply what they learn from God’s Word
  • Develop a daily habit of spending quality time in God’s Word
  • Be equipped to delve into Scripture on their own
Series: Deep Rooted Devotional Series
Genre: Devotional
Tags: Bible study, Devotional
Publisher: Bold Vision Books
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781946708809
The book of Romans can be intimidating to Bible students—even the experienced ones. Its pages contain weighty concepts important to the truth of the gospel. In her book, Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans, Kathy Howard digs fearlessly into the meat of Paul’s message. She pays careful attention to each detail, taking her readers past the superficial to the profound, all written in an engaging and easily understood style. Howard is an awesome Bible teacher, and this new book in her Deep Rooted series does not disappoint!
– Julie Zine Coleman, author of On Purpose: Understanding God’s Freedom for Women through Scripture and managing editor of the Arise Daily Devotionals
Strong devotional writing seeks to mold the mind and touch the heart. It is designed to draw the reader closer to God through Scripture and prayer day by day. Kathy has written Deep Rooted to do just that! This 40-day devotional journey guides readers to grow in Christ by studying the book of Romans. The 4-R method that Kathy uses challenges the reader to have an attitude of study and obedience through reading, recording, reflecting, and responding each day. The spiritual disciplines of devotional reading, Bible study, and prayer all collide as the reader becomes more deeply rooted in Christ through this book. I am thankful to have Kathy as a writer for Journey: Daily Devotions for Women by Lifeway, and I am so happy to see her using her gifts and talents for God's kingdom in this Deep Rooted 40-day devotional book. I trust you will not be disappointed as you go deeper in your personal relationship with Jesus. Blessings upon Kathy and you, her dear readers!
– Michelle R. Hicks, Managing Editor, Journey devotional magazine Lifeway Women Leadership Training
As someone who spends my days primarily focused on encouraging and equipping women to maintain a year-round rhythm of Bible study, I am overjoyed Kathy shared her latest devotional study with me. For much of my life, though I was a Christian and highly committed to my local church, I was sustained by Sunday sermons and short, fill-in-the-blank Bible studies covering topics of interest to me. It wasn’t until I became more competent in Scripture that I experienced full confidence in my faith. I’m thankful for resources like Deep Rooted which approach devotional study in a Biblically comprehensive way; helping to build competence and comprehension. Not only does this 40-day Devotional Journey help establish a daily rhythm in God’s Word, but it walks the reader through—start to finish—the book of Romans; a foundational book for any believer seeking to build their theological and doctrinal understanding of salvation. Kathy’s passion for the gospel and the love she has for her Savior shines through each day’s devotional writing. Readers will find encouragement and clarity as they spend time in Romans, carefully guided through daily reading and explanation. Our mantra in the Prestonwood Women’s Ministry (where I serve) is “Bible study is not a class you take, it’s a rhythm you keep as a believer”. I will not hesitate to recommend this devotional journey, over the book of Romans, to our women and others as a worthwhile addition to their daily time in God’s Word.
– Tasha Calvert, Author, Bible Teacher, and Women’s Minister, Prestonwood Baptist Church
Kathy Howard is a gifted teacher and Bible expositor, and her 40-day devotional book, Deep Rooted: Growing Through the Book of Romans, is well researched and brilliantly written. The book reflects her commitment to the truth of scripture and her passion for helping others grow in their faith by not just reading but engaging with the Bible. The book of Romans is easy to skip over when reading the Bible, and the core doctrinal truths can sometimes be challenging to tackle. Kathy helps the reader take one truth at a time in bite-sized pieces with thought-provoking questions to help bring understanding to difficult passages. She provides great word pictures that enhance the truth mentioned in the daily readings. Deep Rooted is a perfect way to introduce the book of Romans or a refresher to understand the core doctrines of the Christian faith and identity in Christ.
– Cynthia Cavanaugh—Bible teacher and author of, The Godly Kings of Judah: Faithful Living for Lasting Influence.
This powerful book combines the best elements of an in-depth Bible study alongside the engaging devotional writing that Kathy Howard’s readers have grown to love. Journey with Kathy through the book of Romans as you follow her signature “4-R Method” (Read, Record, Reflect, Respond) to study, dwell, and delight in God’s Word.
– Judy Dunagan Author, The Loudest Roar: Living in the Unshakable Victory of Christ Acquisitions Editor, Moody Publishers
Embark on an unforgettable pilgrimage, to not only know God’s word, but know how to study it for yourself. Kathy Howard takes us on an extraordinary journey with Paul through the book of Romans. Rich with biblical insight and relevant application, Deep Rooted grounds us in the Word and awakens us to a life of full, saturated faith.
– Angela Donadio - Bible Study Author, Ministry Leader, and Host of the Make Life Matter Podcast
Thank you, Kathy, for capturing the depth of Paul's desire to carry the Gospel to a needed world and for reminding us that we still have good news to embrace personally and to share with others. This devotional will help you understand the book of Romans in a deeper way and guide you through a personal journey to a more rooted life in Christ through daily, personal reflections. Kathy's insight will cause the truths of Romans to leap off the page, encouraging you to embrace Christ's love and practically live it out.
– Jessie Seneca, Author and Speaker Founder of More of Him Ministries
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