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3 Steps to Help You Choose a New Bible

Time to choose a new Bible, but overwhelmed with the sheer volume of the choices available? Dozens of translations combined with a myriad of features yields hundreds – if not thousands – of specific Bibles to choose from. Selecting a new Bible can be a daunting task!...

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3 Simple Steps for Everyday Bible Study

I love Bible study. God’s Word is miraculous and amazing. Stop and think about this just a moment. In the Bible, the God of the universe has revealed Himself, His character, His ways, and His purposes. To us! You and I can come to know the one true God through the...

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The #1 Way to Know God’s Will

There have been moments I wished God would send me an email to tell me exactly what He wanted me to do in a particular situation. I desperately wanted to know God’s will, so I could do the right thing, but I wasn’t sure what the right thing was. Most Christians...

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Do You Have a Plan?

You've heard that old saying: "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." This practical principle is true in every area of life - including our spiritual discipleship. If we want to be in God's Word consistently, then we need a plan. A plan for reading your Bible....

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