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Discover the Superiority of our Savior through this 13-week study of Hebrews

Practical Christianity – Hebrews 13

My friend Mark is an excellent cook. I’ve asked him to share recipes with me, but he doesn’t have any! He just whips up wonderful dishes without them. I can’t cook that way. I need step by step instructions to cook something that’s edible.

The author of Hebrews has beautifully articulated why his audience should persevere in the faith and not turn back. He challenged them to stand firm in the face of persecution, to cling to their High Priest Jesus Christ, and not turn away from the superior Covenant. But what should this look like in their daily life? Here in chapter 13, the author gives his audience some practical direction for living out their faith.

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 13 (PDF)
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I’ve been blessed by studying the book of Hebrews with you! I pray that God has taught you more about Himself and the nature of your great salvation. Thanks for joining me.


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Run with endurance – Hebrews 12

I admire  marathon runners. Their discipline and endurance inspire me.  They spend months training and preparing to run the 26 mile race. They stick to the running schedule, get plenty of rest, and eat right. All this to prepare for the big race.

Like a marathon, the Christian life is a long-distance race. It requires discipline and training.  In chapter 12, the author of Hebrews tells us we must get rid of everything that hinders our performance.  Are you prepared to run the course?

Hebrews Chapter 12 Lesson (PDF)
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Be Inspired – Hebrews 11

There’s a television commercial that inspires me to serve others. I forget what it’s even advertising, but it depicts a chain reaction of small acts of kindness. It begins with one person helping a stranger by returning her forgotten purse. A witness to the act then helps someone else. And so on and so on. Each one is inspired by a selfless act of another.

The testimonies of others often encourage us to act in similar ways. The author of Hebrews understood that dynamic. He shares a long list of faith heroes with his readers to inspire them to stand firm in the face of persecution. Chapter eleven, called the Hall of Faith, stands in stark contrast to their fearful faith. How does it compare to ours?

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 11 (PDF)
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Truly clean – Hebrews 10

How many times have you bought a product or service, because it promised to do something specific, only to be disappointed? I have tried many cleaning products that claim to cut through the hard water deposits on our bathroom fixtures and leave them “sparkling clean.” None of them lived up to their claims.

Jesus made some bold claims. “No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25). But Jesus’ claims are true! He is our superior High Priest who offered the once-for-all sacrifice on our behalf. The blood of bull and goats could not take away our sins, but the sacrificial blood of Christ accomplished it!


Hebrews Lesson Chapter 10 (PDF)
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Superior Sacrifice – Hebrews Chapter 9

Have you noticed that laundry is never really done? By the time I collect all the dirty clothes, haul them to the laundry room, sort them into piles, do numerous rounds of washing, drying, and folding, and then put them all away, there is already more that needs washing. Laundry never ends.

The Levitical sacrificial system was a little like doing laundry. The work had to be done over and over again. The priests sacrificed daily. Blood flowed constantly. But the sins continued to pile up because these sacrifices could not change the heart of the worshiper.

The author of Hebrews shows the superiority of the New Covenant’s sacrifice over the old. Let’s dive into chapter nine and discover how the death of one Superior Savior accomplished what the death of countless bulls and goats never could – eternal forgiveness of sins and freedom from its guilt!

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 9 (PDF)
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Written on the heart – Hebrews 8

God desires to be in relationship with people. But the Old Covenant, established through Moses, was imposed from the outside. It revealed mankind’s sin nature but did not have the power to change it.  We needed a covenant that works from the inside. One that has the power to change our hearts. God’s New Covenant radically changed the way people can relate to Him. Through our High Priest Jesus, we can have an intimacy with God not possible before. In every way the New Covenant – this covenant of the heart – is superior. Let’s explore the benefits of the New Covenant! Watch the video and download your lesson!

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 8 (PDF)

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Hebrews Chapter 7

What was the last significant thing you had to replace? Maybe it was a washing machine or a refrigerator. Perhaps it was a car. These items and things like them are useful. They fill necessary roles in today’s life. But they don’t last forever. They wear out. They break down. And sometimes we replace them because new models come along that meet our needs even better.

The Levitical priesthood was insufficient to mend the broken relationship that exists between mankind and God. We needed a superior priest with a superior ministry. Hebrews chapter seven clearly shows why Jesus’ priesthood is both superior and permanent!

Hebrews Lesson Chapter 7 (PDF)

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Hebrews Chapter Six

Have you ever been distracted in the middle of an important conversation? It was so urgent, you took a break in your conversation to address it. From the last of chapter four and all the way into chapter ten, the author of Hebrews expands on the high priesthood of Christ. But at the end of chapter five, the author takes a brief detour. While explaining the role of our perfect Intercessor, the author realized that his audience might not be able to grasp the full measure of this glorious truth. Distracted by their spiritual immaturity he breaks from his key topic in order to address it immediately. Watch the video and get started on the lesson!

Hebrews Chapter 6 Lesson (PDF)
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Hebrews Chapter Five

Did you experience God’s rest this week? I love this topic of God’s promise of rest that we’ve studied in both Hebrews 3 and 4.  In this week’s video, we will discuss how we can find this rest, so don’t miss it!

After you watch the video, download the homework for chapter five. As you probably noticed the chapter divisions for Hebrews 4, 5, and 6 are a bit awkward. We will deviate from them slightly, so don’t think I’ve missed something.

I’m praying for you as you study God’s Word!   God bless, Kathy

Hebrews Chapter Five Lesson (PDF)

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Hebrews Chapter Four

Does the promise of God’s rest sound good to you? It does to me! God offers His rest to us today. We can have it now and even more fully in eternity. This week we will explore the meaning of God’s rest, why the Israelites missed it, and how we can be sure to receive His promise of rest.

In this week’s video, I show how God’s rest can have a very personal application to you today. Take a few minutes to watch the video, then download the lesson for Chapter Four, and get started! See you in the comments.

Hebrews Chapter Four Lesson PDF

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