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Lavish Grace: Poured Out, Poured Through, and Overflowing

“Lavish Grace” Cover

Lavish Grace


What is Lavish Grace?”

Have you underestimated grace? God’s grace is not “just enough” and it’s far more than “sufficient.” God’s free-flowing river of grace knows no bounds. His grace washes through and over every aspect of a believer’s life. From God’s first “whispers of wooing” to every need and relationship in our lives today, His grace is poured out, poured through, overflowing! Kathy Howard’s new 9-week study of Paul’s experience with God’s grace and his teaching about grace through his letters will help you recognize, rest in, and share the glorious grace of God.

More about the study:

Each week of study includes four sections:

  1. Learning It – Paul experienced God’s grace in abundance! Each week in this section, you will see the effect of God’s grace applied to the “chief” of sinners. Passages from Acts and Paul’s letters will be used to highlight instances from Paul’s life when God’s grace was flowing.
  2. Teaching It – Paul eloquently and profusely wrote and taught about what he himself had experienced – God’s unbounded grace. In this section, you will explore what Paul taught about the aspects of God’s grace through his epistles.
  3. Living It – No study of Scripture is complete without applying God’s truth to our lives. This section helps us see how God wants to align our lives to what we’ve learned.
  4. Grace Applied – This real-life story highlights an aspect of God’s grace experienced in the life of a contemporary woman. Follow-up questions will help them you apply the same biblical truths to you own life.

The study is divided into three parts. In the first, “Poured Out,” readers will discover how God’s grace is necessary for their eternal salvation and continued spiritual transformation, as well as how their call to ministry and equipping for His service are further works of His grace.

In part two, “Poured Through,” we will explore what it looks like to be channels of God’s great grace, not just stagnant pools. Since God has poured out His undeserving grace on us, we, in turn, should be people who extend His grace to others.

Finally, in “Overflowing,” we will rejoice in the truth that God’s grace is available for our every day and any day. We will discover how to rest in and rely on His grace in the inevitable times of trials, struggles, and difficulties.

Ready for a fresh awareness of God’s grace? “Lavish Grace” will help you daily walk in the grace that bubbles up and overflows, supplying “immeasurably more” that they could “ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

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  • Are You Dead or Alive? (494 words) The greatest act of God’s grace is our salvation. Have you experienced it?
  • God’s Crazy, Lavish Grace (550 words) – God’s grace woes us to Himself with cords of love.
  • Please Pass the Grace (363 words) – This devotional style piece focuses on why believers should be people of grace and what it looks like.
  • Grace in Not Fair (629 words)  – God is not fair with His grace. Praise God! Because we don’t deserve it. Julie’s care for her mother-in-law demonstrates how God’s people should extend grace to those who are undeserving or cannot return it.
  • 10 Ways to Foster Gracious Speech (652 words)   – Our words have the power to build up or tear down. What does gracious speech look like and how can we foster it in our own lives?
  • Grace with No Reservations (431 words) – “Grace” is not stingy or choosy! Believers should freely extend grace with no expectations or anticipation of return.
  • 15 Characteristics of a Person of Grace (445)  – Christians should be channels of grace, not stagnant pools! But what does it look like to be a person of grace? Here are 15 characteristics.
  • Car Horns and Icy Glares (442) – Christians sometimes fail to share the Gospel of grace in a gracious way. Gracious behavior and speech connects with others and honors Jesus.
  • 3 Ways God Gives Grace to Keep Going (650 words)  – God may not change our difficult circumstances, but He will always strengthen us with His grace to keep going.
  • The Great Hiking Boot Debacle (770 words)  – In times of trial and struggle, God wraps us in His grace for comfort and encouragement.
  • Clinging to Grace (537 words)  – Janet’s life – and death – exemplified the sufficiency and power of God’s grace. Her “weakness” constantly revealed God’s glory and strength.

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flows constantly Grace bubbles abundantly Grace Essential Grace lays down Grace Words 2 Gracious Words Greater the Trial Greater Trial LG Abundantly Poured Out Lg Enough grace Self-sufficiency Share grace Undeserving

“Lavish Grace” Coloring Sheets

I commissioned the following three coloring sheets to coordinate with the 3 sections of the Bible study. They will be used to raise awareness of the study and function as a means to 3 giveaways. Readers will be asked to color the sheets and post photos of them on Instagram or Facebook using the hash tag #LavishGrace. The more sheets posted on social media the better! I would love for you to participate in the fun! And I’m giving you the sheets now so you can get a head start in coloring!

Endorsements for “Lavish Grace”

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“Kathy has beautifully woven an account of how the grace God so incredibly pours into us, and practically shares with us ways we can exhibit grace to others. You will be blessed by this book! I know I was.”  —Jennifer Rothschild, author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark; Self Talk, Soul Talk; and God Is Just Not Fair: Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense and founder of Fresh Grounded Faith events

“In Lavish Grace, Kathy Howard gives us wisdom, grace upon grace, by walking the reader through an accurate, life-changing, and practical view of God’s rich, elaborate, extravagant, generous, and amazing grace! If you want to renew, revive, and rejuvenate your life with God’s lavish grace, then the pages of this book will shower you with hope and help you embrace the exuberant, abundant grace-filled life we all long for!” —Pam Farrel, author of 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success in Keeping It All Together and Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

“The more I move through life, the more I recognize the unending, overwhelming need for grace in my relationship with God and others. Kathy Howard does more than point out our need for grace; she teaches us to not only pour it out, but also to lap it up. A must read for a needy world.” —Kathi Lipp speaker and author of Clutter Free

“Grace—that unearned, undeserved gift from God that washes over us each day as a follower of Christ. Kathy Howard helps us grasp the depth of this gift through a study of the life of the Apostle Paul and stories of women today who have personally experienced God’s grace. Her 9-week interactive study will leave you with a deeper understanding of just how much God loves each of us as demonstrated through His gift of grace.” —Wanda Lee, executive director, National WMU®

“Grace is not a churchy, cliché topic that cleaned up, nice people sing about on Sundays from a hymnal. Instead, grace is the aggressive, offensive, complicated, and complete gift of Jesus that every soul has to contend with for both our eternal salvation and daily frustrations. God’s love is not contingent on your goodness, and His forgiveness cannot be constrained by your rebellion. It’s unsearchable. Impossible to comprehend, yet fully accessible and purposed to impact and inform the way you believe, live, and love others. Lavish Grace will help you navigate this critical dialog as the study takes you by the hand and leads you straight to God’s Word. If you’re ready to understand and embrace this life-altering love in a fresh way, then don’t hesitate to take this grace-walk with Kathy.” —Gwen Smith, speaker, worship leader, co-founder of Girlfriends in God, and author of I Want It All and Broken into Beautiful

“Kathy Howard pinpoints what each of us needs—a fresh awareness of God’s grace. Through the eyes of Paul, a self-claimed ‘chief of sinners,’ she helps us recognize, rest in, and share God’s lavish grace.” —Debbie Taylor Williams, national Bible teacher and author of seven books, including, If God is In Control, Why Am I a Basket Case?

 “Lavish Grace is packed with powerful stories of changed lives. This Bible study explodes page after page with inspiration like, ‘His grace is in such abundance we cannot hold it all. It overflows our ability to contain it.’ What is this all about? How is grace able to remove guilt? Shame? Who is this God, who gives us such grace? When you complete this book, you will understand the boundlessness of God’s love from a new perspective. His rich outpouring of grace is the very foundation of God’s salvation plan for us. Kathy Howard has put her whole heart into this book and shares a depth of knowledge of Scripture that will bless your heart.” —Joneal Kirby, author and founder of Heartfelt Ministries

 “Kathy Howard’s new book, Lavish Grace, had me at ‘grace.’ It’s one of my heartbeat topics! And her book did not disappoint. You’ll love how she deftly combines what Paul writes about grace, with true-to-life application steps. She not only shares accounts of people from Bible times, but what people of today have faced as they learned to navigate the circumstances and character of grace in their own lives. The subtitle of the book is ‘poured out, poured through, and overflowing.’ That’s exactly how I’ve seen Kathy reflect a life of lavish grace—enough to share with others on their own grace journeys.” —Kathy Carlton Willis, women’s speaker, DVD Bible study presenter, and author of Grin with Grace


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