Learning to wait

How do you handle waiting? In line at the grocery store? Or for a package you are expecting? The longest, hardest wait for me has been at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Need I say more? I also don’t do as well as I should in waiting on God. But learning to...

Get growing

In the sixth chapter of Hebrews, the author chastises his readers for their lack of spiritual growth. They had been Christians long enough to be teachers. But they had stagnated in immaturity. This admonition is also for believers today. Only the Holy Spirit can...

Hebrews Chapter Six

Have you ever been distracted in the middle of an important conversation? It was so urgent, you took a break in your conversation to address it. From the last of chapter four and all the way into chapter ten, the author of Hebrews expands on the high priesthood of...

Titus Bible Study

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