Visiting heaven

Visiting heaven

Do you ever imagine what heaven will be like? Do you ever pretend that you are there, worshiping God before His throne? Picture the heavenly scene with me: God, shining brighter than the most brilliant diamond, sits before you on His throne. Something like a glowing...

Do you need rest?

When was the last time you were bone-weary or just “slap wore out,” as my granddad used to say? Maybe it’s been awhile, or maybe it was yesterday, but you probably responded quickly by resting! We usually give our bodies what they need. We rest so...

Hebrews Chapter Four

Does the promise of God’s rest sound good to you? It does to me! God offers His rest to us today. We can have it now and even more fully in eternity. This week we will explore the meaning of God’s rest, why the Israelites missed it, and how we can be sure...

Titus Bible Study

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