I love a great movie as much as the next gal. But a movie is someone’s version of a story. Sometimes based on fact. Sometimes loosely based on fact. Sometimes based on no fact at all.

I haven’t seen “Noah” the movie, but I’ve read a few reviews and opinions. At best, it’s a skewed version of a Bible story that creates an opportunity for a good spiritual discussion. At worst, it’s an evil attempt to warp God’s truth with Gnostic teaching.

NoahAh, but the real version in Genesis is an epic story. A true story from God, recorded and preserved for every generation of humans throughout history. Like every story or passage in the Bible, it’s filled with spiritual truth we can apply to our own lives. Here are five that jumped out at me:

1. God is just and punishes sin – God is patient with mankind, but because He is holy He cannot allow sin to go unpunished (Genesis 6:5-7, 11-13). Our sin has condemned us all. But, praise God, He has provided an “ark” for our salvation. God came to earth in human flesh in order to take our punishment on Himself on the cross! (See John 3:16-18.)

2. We can obey God even if no one else does – People had become so corrupt and evil that God’s best solution was to wipe them out and start over. That’s a tough peer group. Noah was not perfect, but even in that culture he fostered an intimate relationship with God through submission, obedience, and worship. (See Genesis 6:9, 6:22, 8:20.)

3. God provides what we need when we step out in obedience – God gave Noah a huge task. “Build a boat 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall.” I was curious how long it might take Noah – with the possible help of his three sons – so I Googled it and found this article from the Institute for Creation Research. There’s a lot of Math in it so it looks believable. This phd author came up with roughly 65 years. In my opinion, building the ark was the more doable task. God also told Noah to gather lots and lots of animals. But, check out Genesis 6:8-9. God sent the animals to Noah! While Noah was caulking the seams, those tigers, bears, cats, penguins, and bumblebees simply walked up and climbed aboard!

4. God never forgets about us, even when the circumstances look hopeless To the casual observer, Noah’s circumstances had been hopeless for a long time. No one remained alive except the occupants of the ark. Water covered everything for months. But God still remembered Noah and intended to keep His promise. (Genesis 8:1). After five months, the ark came to rest on a mountaintop and other peaks began to show themselves above the waves. Then finally, after more than a year, Noah and his family left the ark and stepped onto dry ground.

5. Life-changing spiritual experiences don’t mean we can let down our guard  – Have you ever had an incredible uplifting experience with God only to fall down in a big way soon after? You’d think this kind of spiritual high would keep us on the straight and narrow for a long time to come. However, some times it makes us more vulnerable. We think we’re so tight with God we don’t have to be careful. Maybe that’s what happened to Noah (Genesis 9:20-23). He has passed the big obedience test. He ought to be good for life, right? Whenever we have a spiritual high point let’s cling tighter than ever to God.

Which of these truths did you need to hear most today? Why? What will be your take away?

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