6 Things to Remember“Life is hard! Why does God allow His children to suffer?”

If this isn’t the question Christians ask the most, it’s certainly near the top of the list. It may seem that sometimes God answers our prayers for help and sometimes He doesn’t. But, while we humans are overwhelmed by our physical and temporary circumstances, God has the spiritual and eternal in mind. We often live for the short-term while God is constantly working on the long-term.

So, what can we do in the midst of pain, grief, struggles, and difficulty, when God doesn’t seem to be working on our behalf? No matter our physical circumstances, we can – and must – choose to stand firmly on God’s truth. Our emotions will betray us. The wisdom of the world will lead us astray. But the truth of God stands firm forever.

In the middle of a trial or difficulty right now? Reflect on the following six truths from Scripture:

  1. God is all-powerful and in control of every situation (Psalm 77:14; Jeremiah 32:17; Ephesians 1:18-21) – It might not look like it in the moment, but does have the power to change or work in any situation we face. Sometimes though, God chooses to work differently than we want Him to work.
  2. God knows and cares about every aspect of our lives (Matthew 6:25-34; Hebrews 4:15; Philippians 4:19) – Just because God allows something into our lives or doesn’t remove a hardship it doesn’t mean He doesn’t care about our pain. He knows every need. He sees every tear.
  3. God is good, loving, and faithful (Psalm 145:17; 1 John 4:8; Lamentations 3:22-23) – Even when our circumstances are bad, God is still good. In fact, often it’s in the middle of difficulties that we most experience the goodness, love, and faithfulness of God.
  4. We are not alone in our trials; God is always with us (Isaiah 43:2; Psalm 23:4; John 14:16; Matthew 28:20) – God may not remove our struggles, but He will not leave us to face them alone.
  5. God will strengthen and comfort us in the midst of troubles (Psalm 147:3; Isaiah 40:27-31; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4; 2 Corinthians 1:8-11; Philippians 4:13) – One reason God allows trials into our lives is to teach us to depend on Him. As we lean on Him, He will fill us with His comfort and strength to endure.
  6. God works through difficulties in our lives to accomplish His eternal purposes (James 1:2-4; Romans 5:3-5; 1 Peter 1:6-7; Romans 8:28-29) – As much as God cares about our physical condition, He cares even more about our spiritual condition. He works in and through our trials to refine us spiritually, shape our character, and prepare us for His purposes.

Even these truths don’t answer all our questions about illness, grief, and pain. But even though we can’t fully understand, we can claim these truths and trust God for the rest.

Which of these truths did you most need to hear today? Why?

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