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This post about honoring God with our talents is adapted from “Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith,” Kathy Howard’s new, unique devotional that combines stories of faith with practical tips for spiritual legacy and helps for genealogy research.

He may be the most famous artist you’ve never heard of. The master craftsman Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesú ranks among history’s greatest violin makers. Though the Stradivarius is more well known, many great virtuosos prefer the robust sound of a Guarneris.

Giuseppe Guarneri was born into a family of violin makers in Cremona, Italy in 1698. His grandfather, Andrea Guarneri, apprenticed alongside Stradivari under the master luthier Nicola Amati. Although Giuseppe learned his craft from his family, he worked to develop his own unique style, creating instruments that are worth millions of dollars today.

Its powerful tone is not the only feature that makes a Guarneris violin unique. In 1731, shortly after the death of his father, Giuseppe began inserting an emblem to identify his work. Although using labels with the name of the head of the household was the customary practice, Guarneri’s label featured a monogram formed from three Greek letters. This “nomina sacra” represented the phrase “Jesus Savior of Man.”

Giuseppe’s Spiritual Legacy

Guarneri committed both his life and his life’s work to his Savior. Guarneri recognized that the Master he loved had formed him with the talent and ability to create a masterpiece. The violin maker’s purposeful intent to give God the glory earned him the nickname “del Gesú,” which means “of Jesus.” Yes, the man who dedicated his work to Jesus, was himself fully dedicated to his Lord.

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17, ESV

Joanne – one of Giuseppe’s descendants – shared his story with me. His desire to glorify God inspired Joanne, also a musician, to dedicate everything she does to the Lord. Like “del Gesú,” she knows that God gifts each person uniquely and calls them to serve Him with these gifts. God calls all His children – from master violin makers and church pianists to CEOs and homemakers – to do everything in the name of Jesus, committed to bringing glory to our Master Craftsman.

Practical Legacy Tip

Our children might not be gifted violinists, but God has a unique purpose for each of them. Let’s help our children, grandchildren and loved ones recognize the spiritual gifts, talents, and life experiences God has given them. Then together, we can brainstorm about how God might want to use all these to serve others and glorify Him.

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