DisappointedAre you disappointed with God? I know, that’s a loaded question. Even if we feel that way or have felt that way in the past, most of us would hesitate to admit it. After all, God is the omnipotent, omniscient Creator. And we are just, well, us.

But if we are brutally honest with ourselves, most of us have had moments – or perhaps are even there right now – where we felt as though God let us down. That He didn’t meet a need or protect us from pain or act on our behalf.

We’ve been disappointed with God.

I’ve been there.

In fact, during one particularly difficult period of my life, I told a close friend that not only did I feel like God had let me down, but I also felt like He had tricked me. That God had led me to believe He had worked in a certain situation then He pulled the rug out from under my feet.

Have you been there? If you have or if you’re there now, here this:

Our feelings do not always reflect the truth. Our emotions very often deceive us and lead us astray.

Last Sunday, my pastor said something I’ve been mulling over for a week:

“Disappointment with God is almost always a result of bad theology about God.”

If we are hurt or angry or disillusioned with God it’s usually because our understanding of God and His ways don’t align with the truth of who He is. And it can happen so easily.

Maybe we’re still learning about God. Maybe we’ve been taught something wrong about God in the past. Or maybe, our emotions took over and we temporarily forgot the truth we know.

That’s what happened to me. I knew “trickery” was out of character for God. But I allowed my emotions to take over.

Maybe you’ve been in a painful, difficult situation for a long time. Your emotions may tell you that God doesn’t care about you or He would fix things. He would stop your pain.

Yet Scripture clearly teaches us that God cares deeply about each of us. He cares about every detail of our lives. He sees our pain and wants to meet our needs (Matthew 6:25-34). If we knew, really knew deep in our souls that God cares, that He grieves when we grieve, that would change how we felt about God and our situation.

The more we know about God’s character, the more we know about trials and how God uses them in our lives, the less “disappointment” we will experience. Our emotions will catch up to the truth.

If you’re disappointed with God right now, immerse yourself in His truth. Study His character and ways in Scripture. Talk to a godly friend. And keep praying.

Are you disappointed with God? How can God’s truth speak to your emotions?

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