I spotted the brown goo on Micah’s hands as he crawled past me on the kitchen tile. What is that?

Taking a closer look, I discovered both of my 10-month-old grandson’s hands were smeared with something dark and sticky. The trail on the floor led from Micah’s current location in front of the refrigerator, out of the kitchen, across the hallway, and into his room.

Grandmother learns a hard lessonI was talking to Kelley, my daughter, on the phone. She had just called from work to check on us. As I followed the brown trail, I mentioned to Kelley that Micah had gotten into something and I was investigating.

When I entered the doorway of his room, the answer hit me. Kelley, gotta go!

Used diapers lay scattered and open on the floor. Their previous contents were also dispersed in various locations on the hard wood and area rug.

I snatched Micah up and hurried to the bathroom. First, I conducted a thorough inspection of his face, lips, and mouth. Clean, thank you Lord! Next, I washed his hands and forearms, digging brown particles out from underneath his tiny fingernails. Amazingly, his clothes were goo-free.

The next step was the floor. I plopped Micah in his crib. From his safe vantage point, he watched Nana undo the mess he had made. Diapers. Brown blobs and smears. Floor. Carpet. Disinfectant.

Micah is my first grandbaby. My baby skills were flabby. Nana learned the hard way that the diaper pail is not baby proof. I also got a nasty reminder that it doesn’t take but a moment for little ones to get into something.

Caring for little ones requires diligence, constant supervision, and eyes in the back of your head. I dropped the ball this time, but I learned my lesson. Micah will not get in the diaper pail again on my watch.

Unfortunately, I don’t learn spiritual lessons as quickly. I get myself into a sinful mess, my heavenly Father picks me up, cleans me up, and sets me on the right path. Sometimes I learn to avoid that mess, but sometimes, before long, I’m right back to the same gooey pile.

Oh, Lord, help me to be quick to learn. Help me to respond to your discipline. And thank you for picking me up, again and again.

What about you? Has your heavenly Father cleaned up any of your messes lately?

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