Color graceOdd question, I know. But last week, I created an image to go with a post I wrote about grace and had to choose a background color. At the time I wondered, “What color goes with grace?”

I made my choice, but I also thought it would be interesting to see if I would get any responses from my Facebook friends. So, without really expecting to get much of a response, I tossed out this question:

If “grace” were a color, what color would it be and why?

To my delight, the response was overwhelming! Dozens of people took the question seriously and responded thoughtfully. I was so moved by what they shared and thought you might like to hear it to.

I’ve melded the responses by color, so most colors below represent multiple responses. The responses were also pretty evenly spread across the color spectrum. No one color was highly favored over another. So, here we go:

  • Blue – Some of those who see grace as blue, feel it represents the “calming” and “peaceful” aspects of grace. To them, blue also demonstrates the “freshness” of grace and the cleansing power of the ocean. This is also where I fell! To me, blue represents the Living Water that washes my sins away!
  • White – To those who chose white, it represents the “cleansing” nature of God’s saving grace. Those who have received His grace are now “pure,” “white as snow!”
  • Red – Those who chose red all did for the same reason. The color red reminds them of the “cleansing blood of Christ!”
  • Yellow – Those who chose yellow all had warmth and light in mind. Grace “envelops like warm sunshine.” Grace is the “warmth of God’s love.” And my favorite response about yellow – the “light of God’s grace dispels shadows!”
  • Multi – Some simply couldn’t settle on one color! Like the many facets of God’s grace working in our lives, they see grace in a full spectrum of colors. Like the glorious, deepening orange, yellows, pinks, and reds of a sunrise or sunset. Like an “array of pastels that covers all my sins.” Like Joseph’s coat of many colors, representing the “unity within the diversity of the church.”
  • Green – Those who see grace as green think of the life and growth God’s grace works in our lives. It represents spiritual growth and the “renewal of spring!”
  • Purple – I think those who chose purple did so because the color elicits an emotional response within them as does grace. One simply felt like grace is purple and one said because it’s the color of happiness. Both good reasons!
  • Gold – Those who see grace as gold commented about the “streets of gold in heaven.” To them, grace is for eternity!
  • Single responses – Ah, there were a few who had unique, individual responses. Grace is blush because it’s “peaceful and gentle.” Grace is an “unknown color that we’ll see in heaven.” Grace is “clear, because we can’t see grace.”

My Facebook friends are a bunch of theologians, aren’t they? They obviously have thought about grace a lot.

What about you? Have you given grace much thought? What color is grace to you and why?




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