God is good

Yes, God is good in the midst of grief, struggle, and loss. Recently, many of us have asked ourselves if God is still good. Many are sick. Many have lost jobs. Or savings. Or loved ones. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, some may be thinking God is good. Others, not so much.

Where is God in all of this? Has He been good to some but withheld His help from others? We are so quick to say “God is good” when things go the way we want. When our jobs are saved. When our sick loved one is healed. When the crisis is over. But do we still praise Him, do we still believe He is good when the trouble continues?

The Bible teaches us that our circumstances do not dictate or define God’s goodness. God’s character dictates His goodness. God is good all the time. No matter the circumstances. God’s goodness does not depend on a healthy family. A lost job does not mean God has not been good to us. In fact, a lost job could be an opportunity for God to demonstrate His power and grace in your life in a dramatic way.

Truths about the Goodness of God

It’s easier to trust in God’s goodness when we have a correct understanding of God and His character. Here are a few truths from Scripture to help us:

  • God’s will for our lives is always good (Romans 12:2). Sometimes – in fact, often – His will includes trials and difficulty that He uses for our spiritual refinement.
  • In all things, in all circumstances, our good God is working for our good (Romans 8:28). The Bible also tells us that God’s good plan for us is that we become more and more like Jesus (Romans 8:29). And God’s most effective tool for our spiritual refinement is trials (James 2:3-4, 1 Peter 1:6-7).
  • No matter the difficulty of the circumstances God allows into our lives, He provides the grace and strength we need to endure so our lives may be a testimony to His power and faithfulness (2 Corinthians 12:8-9).
  • The assurance of God’s goodness enables us to “give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) and to declare in easy times and hard times, “God is good!”

God is Good Even if Our Circumstances Aren’t

Whether our physical circumstances are easy or difficult, how should these truths impact our daily lives? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Remember that God is good all the time. Not just when things are going the way we think they should.
  • Thank Him for His goodness and provision in every life situation.
  • Be sensitive to those around you who are facing difficult and painful circumstances. Don’t flaunt your “better” circumstances.
  • Declare His goodness in every circumstance, particularly in the hard times. Watch for His provision.
  • Lean on His strength and grace in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. His power working in you will testify of His greatness to others.
  • Remember that He can work in your pain and loss to bring glory to Himself.

God is indeed good all the time. He sees your every need and He cares. Lean on Him in every circumstance – good or bad. If you are able, be God’s tool to help someone else.

If your circumstances are “bad” right now, how have you seen God working in the midst of them?

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