Grace Doesn't Make SenseGod’s grace simply doesn’t make sense to me. It is radical. Extreme. Counterintuitive. Free and boundless. It goes against human logic. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you either. So, why do we have so much trouble wrapping our minds around God’s lavish grace?

For starters, the world we live in operates with different rules. Normally, we reap what we sow. We work hard in order to earn a paycheck. When drive faster than the speed limit, we get an expensive ticket.

And, we know we don’t deserve grace. We don’t deserve a saving relationship with Jesus. Yet, He pours it out on those who don’t deserve it. God lavishes His grace on those not seeking it. And after our conversion, through times of rebellion, complacency, grief, and struggle, God gently draws us back to Himself with cords of love.

And still, the grace keeps coming! Through times of trial and suffering, it overflows our lives to provide comfort, encouragement, and strength. God extends His lavish grace to us every moment of every day.

What is Grace?

The best, condensed definition of grace I can give you is this: “Grace” is God’s divine favor and merciful, loving-kindness.

The Greek word usually translated as “grace” in the New Testament is charis. The definition of charis in The Complete Word Study New Testament includes these facets:

  • Closely related to the Greek word we translate as “joy”
  • Divine favor, kindness, acceptance
  • Favor bestowed on the undeserving without expectation of return
  • Absolute freeness of God’s loving-kindness to men
  • Motivated by the bounty and heart of the Giver
  • Unearned and unmerited favor
  • Forgives sin and affects a person’s sinful nature, shaping her to be used for God’s good purposes
  • Results in joy and gratitude in the one who receives it

Grace flows constantlyGod’s grace flows from His heart. It’s based on His bounty, His character. We do not merit His grace. We cannot earn it. Yet in His loving-kindness He freely pours it out.

Grace begins and ends with our gracious God. It’s all about Him, yet you and I benefit. Isn’t that amazing?

I still don’t understand God’s grace. But I will forever rely on its lavish abundance.

How have you experienced God’s lavish grace this week?

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