Six months ago, I thought a blog was what I experienced on the freeways when we lived in Houston. Three months ago, I had a vague understanding but declared I’d never be a blogger. Never, say never. Today, I’m writing my first blog entry.

Why the change? Blogging is here to stay. To continue to share my faith journey with others, I need to stretch myself and learn to navigate the blogger highway. In fact, if Jesus was physically among us today, I think He would be a blogger. Jesus went where the people were. He interacted with them, asked questions, drew them out. Yes, Jesus would blog regularly. 

I want to be like Jesus. So, since I live in the 21st century, I will develop my blogging muscles. But please be patient with me, I’m still learning. I will happily accept any advice you are willing to give. And before long, I hope to be blogging like a pro.

There’s just one problem: I’m afraid it could be addicting. I can picture myself now, sitting in front of my laptop in my pajamas at three o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll have coffee on one side and chocolate on the other to sustain me as I surf the blogosphere. My family will go hungry and the laundry will pile up around us.

Wait… if Jesus were a blogger that is not how He would handle it. He would employ discipline and good judgment and use His time wisely. He would not allow other important things to go undone. So, I commit to blog like Jesus. But I may need you to hold me accountable.

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