Want to know God more in the year ahead? How can I help you experience that?

The best way to deepen your relationship with God is through deepening your relationship with His Word. God has revealed Himself, His will, and His ways to us through Scripture. God wants us to know Him and the way He has provided is the Bible. Yet, according to the 2022 study, “State of the Bible,” only about 20% of Americans read the Bible more than once a week. 

If we come to know God through His Word, why don’t we read it more? According to this same study, the two biggest frustrations for people in regard to trying to read the Bible are “not enough time” and “don’t know where to start.”

I love to see God’s people regularly reading the Bible, growing in their confidence of rightly handling Scripture, and then intentionally applying its truths to their lives. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have some tips and resources to help. These have been developed from study, my own experience, and years of listening to and encouraging others.

A Few Tips to Make Best Use of Your Time

While we all have the same amount of time in the day, some of us have more demands on our time than others. Some have said “yes” to too much. With some honest evaluation we can build more margin in our lives by letting go of over-commitments. 

Others of us are in a season of life in which we have little control over our own calendars. For instance, mothers of young children and caregivers often are just doing what they can to get through another day. 

Many more of us have simply allowed our time with God to fall in our priorities. Here, a fresh commitment and a plan can give us the help we need.

If time is a frustration for you, the following articles and resources can help:

A Few Tips to Help You Get Started in Scripture

Bible reading and study can be overwhelming. Many don’t know where to start reading. Others read but don’t feel confident in understanding what they read. First, if this is you, you are not alone! Second, help is on the way!

In the following list, you’ll find resources like Bible reading plans and Bible study tips. I teach a simple Bible study method that is easy enough to use every day, so links to that is in the list below. I even lead an ongoing daily Bible reading group for women that provides structure, help, and encouragement. That’s there too. (By the way, we will be starting the book of Romans in January!)

For Women’s Ministry Leaders

Planning for the year ahead? I’d be honored to partner with you in ministering to the women God has placed in your care. Retreats, conferences, and workshops are a great way to encourage and equip the women. My favorite event this past year was a one-day conference to help the women get into and study God’s Word! I’d be happy to chat with you about your church and your women’s needs and how I might be able to help. (See the About page for more on my education and experience or the Speaking page for ideas.)

How Can I Help?

Still have questions not addressed above? I’d love to try to help or point you to someone who can. Leave a comment or contact me privately.

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