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COVID-19 has changed many things. Perhaps even your daily time with God. After all, how do you have a quiet time when you’re literally never alone. With schools and daycares closed and your spouse working from home it’s even hard to get to the bathroom by yourself.

I don’t have a fail-safe masterplan. But you may find the following tips helpful. There’s also some links at the end of the post to some other articles with some practical advice.

7 Tips to Help You Have a Quiet Time during COVID-19 Quarantine

  1. Let go of expectations – Everything looks a little different these days. Including our quiet time. Our time may be shorter. At a different time of the day. And our “quiet time” may not even be very quiet. “Paw Patrol” may be blaring from the other room. And honestly, that’s okay. Right now, let’s take the time God does give and make the most of it. Even if it’s five minutes.
  2. Focus on the relationship over the routine – The purpose of a quiet time is simply to spend time with God, to foster our relationship. To talk with Him and hear from Him. Developing a habit of spending time with God is vital for the long haul. But when a dramatic change in our daily routine interrupts the habit, we might be left floundering. But if we keep our relationship with God our top priority, we will find a new routine.
  3. Be prepared – Be ready to jump when God opens the door for the two of you to spend time together. Gather what you need and keep it all together in a bag or basket – things like your Bible, a journal, Bible reading plan, pens, and highlighters. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of even a small window of time. Spouse take the kids on a bike ride? You’re ready!
  4. Ask your family – Tell them why you need a few minutes alone. It won’t work all the time, but it might work some of the time. Even small children will occasionally be cooperative. Side benefit: You’ll be showing your family just how important your relationship with Jesus truly is.
  5. Put together a “quiet time only” box – Gather some special toys, games, books, and even snacks that your children can only access when you are spending time with God. Yes, it’s bribery. Pure and simple. But it just might work with your kids. And your husband…
  6. Find a place to “escape” – If the family won’t leave you alone, maybe you can leave the family. Find a quiet closet. Or take a lawn chair to the far corner of the yard. Or sit in your car with praise music blaring.
  7. Ask God – God wants to spend time with you. Ask Him to show you how, when, and where. Ask Him to create a regular opportunity for you to be alone with Him. That’s a request He will surely honor. But keep your eyes and your heart open. It may look differently than you expect.

COVID-19 won’t last forever. Soon we will have a new “new normal.” Or we’ll have our old normal. Through our lives we will have to adjust again and again. So, don’t give up pursuing time with God. He is waiting to meet with you.

How has your quiet time changed since COVID-19? How have you adjusted?

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