Welcome to the Bible Study Skills Test - Evaluate your skill level at handling God's Word.

How well do you handle the Sword of the Spirit? Are you a sword master or do you need to sharpen your Bible study skills? The following questions will help you determine if you are a novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or highly skilled Sword Master!


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What is the Bible?


In what language/languages was the Bible originally written?


What is the best way to interpret a Bible passage?


What is the "meta-narrative" of the Bible?


What is the best way for us to use the psalms?


How should we understand the wisdom literature in the Bible like Proverbs?


Which of the following is NOT true about apocalyptic (ie: Revelation) literature?


Which of the following should we consider in regard to the context of a Bible passage?

Thank you for taking the Bible Study Skills Test! No matter your score, there's always room for improvement. The "Sword Masters" Bible study course can help you hone and sharpen your Bible study skills, so that you correctly handle the Word of God. Find out more at:

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