benefit of needIf we had our choice, most of us would choose abundance over need. We would rather have more than enough money to pay our bills. We would rather not go hungry.

Yet God’s Word actually warns us about the dangers of having plenty. Too much money, food, and possessions fool us into relying on ourselves. Material abundance fosters pride and self-sufficiency. “Plenty” leaves us spiritually bereft.

Are you in a time of physical need? Maybe you’re struggling with a health issue or job loss. Maybe some unexpected expenses has drained your bank account. God not only sees your need, He cares deeply. He longs to meet your physical needs.

Yet, the Bible also teaches God works through times of physical need to benefit us, to grow us spiritually. As much as God cares about our physical condition, He cares much more about our spiritual condition. Our physical condition is temporary. Our spiritual condition involves matters of eternity.

When the children of Israel were poised to enter the Promised Land, Moses warned them about the danger of their future material abundance (Deuteronomy 8:1-20). He reminded them of the spiritual benefit gained by wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. God used their time of physical need to foster great spiritual growth.

The same can be true for us. If we allow Him, God can work in our lives during times of material need in ways not possible during times of plenty.

3 Spiritual Benefits of Physical Need

  1. Humility – Pride is a root that sprouts an abundance of other sinful attitudes and behaviors. In times of physical need God can open our eyes to truth. We don’t possess anything He has not provided. Even our ability to work comes from Him (Deuteronomy 8:17-18).
  2. Dependence – When we realize God provides everything in our lives we will begin to lean on Him, to rely on Him every minute. Our illusion of self-sufficiency is shattered.
  3. Growth – As we lean on God more and more, our faith is tested and proved. As we learn more about God’s character and ways, He develops spiritual boldness and we willingly take new steps of faith never considered before.

Are you in need today? Don’t waste this time! Ask God to grow you spiritually and teach you to depend on Him every minute. Times of material need can be glorious times of spiritual plenty.

If you have physical need now or have in the past, what spiritual benefit did you experience?

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