Advertising executives design television commercials to sell their product. One way they do this is by finding common ground with the viewer and exploiting their emotions to move them to pull out their wallets. So successful ads often closely reflect what’s happening in our society.

That’s why one car ad I saw recently troubles me.

The spot is for the Subaru Forester. The announcer tells the watching audience that the Forester is “designed for your most precious cargo.” Sounds good. Keep the kiddos safe. The line that troubles me comes from the “mom.” After talking about her daughter’s first words, first days of school, and best friends, mom says, “The backseat of my Subaru is where she grew up.”

I know. I hear you saying, “It’s just a commercial.” But the reason it bothers me is because it pretty accurately reflects the over-the-top, ridiculously busy lifestyle that many of us lead.

Like the mom and daughter in the commercial, we spend our entire lives running from one commitment or activity to another. All that running around leaves little time to rest or foster relationships. Real connection to other Christians gets pushed to the back burner. And time simply sitting with God is practically non-existent.

Stop the madness! It doesn’t have to be that way. Your kids shouldn’t have to grow up in a minivan or a crossover or whatever it is you drive. (Check out this post for more about the dangers of busyness and how you can dethrone that idol.)

Model for your children and grandchildren the value of family, friendships, and a rich, satisfying relationship with Christ. It’s time to stop living out of your car.

Am I just crazy or does this resonate with anyone else?!

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