It hit without warning. Half-way up the mountain the wind began to howl. By the time my husband, our two young daughters, and I got off the chair lift at the top of the ridge, visibility was less than three feet due to the blowing snow. I couldn’t even see my ski boots. Kelley, who was about eleven at the time, was crying hysterically. And eight-year-old Sarah had both her legs and arms wrapped around me with her head buried in my belly.

Wayne and I hollered at each other over the screaming wind and the screaming child. We weren’t familiar with the trails at this ski resort. In fact, we couldn’t even see the trails. And it was difficult just to keep our heads up because ice blasted any exposed skin.

We tried to get the girls moving – we had to get out of the storm – but neither of them would budge. Just when I was about to start crying, a masked skier approached our family.

“My name is Luke. I see you’re in trouble. I’m a member of the ski patrol and know these trails like the back of my hand. I’d like to help you get down if that’s alright.”

That was more than alright. It was an answer to prayer.

Kelley calmed down when she heard Luke’s qualifications and his offer to help. She got right behind him and held on to his jacket. I got close behind her with Sarah’s skis between mine and Wayne brought up the rear to make sure we didn’t lose anyone. Within minutes Luke had led us far enough down the mountain to get below the white out. Then he was gone.

Kelley and Sarah had refused to follow Wayne and me because we didn’t know the way. Plus they probably sensed our own fear. They were young, but not dumb. However, Luke was different. He not only claimed to know the way, he had the strength and authority to make us believe him. That gave the girls the confidence they needed to follow him.

Do you have confidence in the One you follow? Are you secure in the Person you call “Lord?” The more we get to know the Person of Jesus the more our faith will be strengthened. The more we understand the nature of Jesus, the more confidence we will have to follow Him wherever He leads.

Let’s talk. The identity of Jesus really does matter in the midst of our daily lives. What difference has He made in yours?

 This story was adapted from “Unshakeable Faith: 8 Traits for Rock-Solid Living,by Kathy Howard.

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