Promises of God

When my kids were young, I learned the hard way to be very careful about making promises. Why? Because sometimes, no matter how much I may have wanted to keep the promise, the circumstances were beyond my control.

For instance, a promise of a trip to the park could be quickly shattered by a thunderstorm. A promise that daddy would be home soon could be easily derailed by a traffic jam. Broken promises like these didn’t do much for the mother-child relationship. And one of my children was particularly sensitive to any breech.

Unlike the promises of earthly parents, we can completely trust the promises of our heavenly Father. (For more on this Father/Child relationship see “We are Not all God’s Children.“) We can hold tight and hope fully because our God will always keep His promises (Hebrews 6:17-19).

God does not break promises. Period.

God, the Promise-Keeper

He keeps promises because He is good and faithful. He keeps promises because there are never circumstances beyond His control, never situations He did not foresee.

The absolute security of the promises of God is like an anchor for our souls in times of trouble (Hebrews 6:19). This anchor produces hope that holds us fast and sure as the waves of life toss us about. We may get a little seasick, but we won’t drift away in the current. We won’t sink in the waves.

Your life may be filled with hardship and heartache. But whatever you’re facing today, God knows and He is able. You can trust in His presence and hold fast to His promises. Find comfort and peace today in His Word. (One thing to keep in mind: Sometimes we mistakenly claim proverbs as promises. But, proverbs are principles for wise living, not promises. See “3 Tips to Help You Understand Proverbs” for more on this.)

10 Promises of God

The following Scriptures are just a sample of the many promises God makes in HIs Word. (Check out this post for a few more.) These promises are not for the world, but for God’s children, those who have entered into a saving relationship with Jesus. (If you aren’t sure, see “How to Know Jesus.”)

  1. God will be present with you (Isaiah 43:1-2) – God does not promise His people that we won’t go through trouble. But He does promise He will go through it by out side.
  2. God will provide for your needs (Matthew 6:25-33) – Jesus assured us that the Father knows our every need and will meet it. Sometimes His provision doesn’t look exactly like what we expected. So, although we cannot trust in a specific provision, we can trust in our divine Provider.
  3. God loves you (Romans 8:39) – No matter the quality of your other relationships, as a child of God, we can always depend on our heavenly Father’s love for us.
  4. God will ease your fears (Psalm 34:1-7) – God is greater than anything that can hurt or harm us. He can deliver us from trouble and whatever He does allow into our lives He will deliver through it, even if it’s all the way to glory. We have no need to fear what today or tomorrow holds because God hold us.
  5. God will trade His peace for our anxiety (Philippians 4:4-10) – When we bring our anxious thoughts to God and meditate on His good things, He will trade our anxiety for His peace.
  6. God will give you soul rest (Matthew 11:28-30) – This world gives us lots of burdens to carry. But God invites us to lay them down and experience His rest.
  7. God gives us spiritual protection (1 Peter 1:3-5) – When we enter into a saving relationship with Jesus, we never have to wonder if we will “get to heaven.” God spiritually shields and protects those who belong to Him.
  8. God will always provide a way to say no to temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13) – We do not have to give in to temptation. God promises to show us a way out and the strength to say “no.
  9. God gives contentment in any situation (Philippians 4:10-13) – No matter our physical circumstances – plenty or need – Jesus will give us the strength to be content.
  10. God will make all things right (Revelation 21:1-4) – At the end of history, when Jesus comes again, God will abolish all sin, grief, death, and mourning!

Which one of these passages spoke to you today? What promise of God do you need to hold tight to?

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