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God’s greatest desire for every Christian is that we grow to look more and more like Jesus. God cares greatly about our physical need and circumstances, but He cares even more about our spiritual growth, our eternal good. (For more on this see “What’s the ‘Good’ of Romans 8:28?”) That’s why He calls us to “train ourselves for godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7-8).

Our spiritual growth – the big, fancy word is “sanctification” – is a joint effort between the believer and the Holy Spirit. Only God Himself can bring spiritual transformation (2 Corinthians 3:18), but He will not do it without our obedient cooperation and disciplined effort. Our spiritual growth needs both our submission to the Spirit’s work and purposeful commitment and ongoing diligent effort. (See “Holiness Training Partner” for more on this.) As we faithfully commit to pursue godliness, the Spirit faithfully works through our commitment to bring growth.

Training Tools for Spiritual Growth

Thankfully, God has given us some incredible discipleship tools to help us in our commitment to spiritual growth. These “spiritual disciplines” include things like Bible intake, prayer, service, worship, stewardship, fasting, and more.

To foster my own spiritual growth, I have both collected and developed a number of discipleship tools and resources. I would love for you to use any and all of these tools and pray they will help and encourage you like they have me. Below is a list of some of my favorites. For even more, visit the FREE RESOURCES page.

My Favorite Discipleship Tools for Spiritual Training

The following are all tools I use myself. I hope they will encourage and help you!

  • The 4 R Bible Study Method –  This method is a simple way to dig deeper into any Bible passage. You don’t need any extra resources to Read, Record, Recognize, and Reflect. (PDF available)
  • Bible Highlighting – This system of marking or coloring-coding a Bible passage can help you dissect it for more effective study and comprehensive understanding.
  • PROBE Questions for Biblical Meditation – The PROBE acronym can help you contemplate and more deeply reflect on any Bible passage. (Free printable)
  • Book-by-Book Bible Reading Plan 2020 – This 52-week, 5-day per week plan covers 16 Bible books, alternating between Old and New Testament books.
  • “Reading the Bible Together” This private Facebook group is for women who want encouragement & accountability to stay in God’s Word. Kathy uses the 2020 Book-by-Book plan. All women are welcome and can jump in any time!
  • The 5 P’s of the Lord’s Prayer – Each “P” word represents a particular type or kind of prayer found in Jesus’ prayer example. The “Ps” is simply an easy to remember the scope our prayers should cover overall.
  • Scripture Memory Tips – Yes, Scripture memory is hard for many of us. But it is more than worth the effort! These tips will get you started on the road to success!
  • 7 Activities to Help You Memorize Scripture – These various activities can aid your Scripture memory by tapping into different learning styles.
  • Salvation Basics Scripture Memory Plan – Want to be ready to share the Good News of Jesus anytime and anywhere? Start with these verses!

One More Great Discipleship Opportunity

The ENJOY GOD’S WORD Online Bible Study Conference 2020 goes live March 5-7. For just $49, you can be encouraged and equipped to better study and more fully enjoy God’s Word for yourself. AND, you will have lifetime access to the solid teaching from more than a dozen experienced Bible teachers. FIND OUT MORE or GET YOUR TICKET NOW. 

Please make use of these resources! And again, for even more, visit the FREE RESOURCES page!

What is your favorite discipleship tool? Would love for you to share those in the comments!

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