Can I tell you about my story with Jesus? I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here on my blog. But my faith history shows how God brought me to where I am today.

From the time I was born, my parents pointed me to Jesus. They took me to church, prayed with me and for me, and had family devotions. Through my growing up years I memorized Scripture, attended Vacation Bible School, and sang in the youth choir. One Sunday morning when I was eight, I walked down the aisle during the invitation song, professed faith in Jesus, and was baptized. That day my name was written on the rolls of the church, but not in the Lamb’s book of Life. Still, I spent the next two decades trying to do all the things a good Christian should do. 

After Wayne and I married, we joined a local church and got involved. We attended faithfully, made Christian friends, and taught youth Sunday School. I went through all the motions of faith, but I did not feel connected to God. A real sense of His presence eluded me. I longed to reflect Jesus and His character, but I was powerless.

Turning Point in My Story with Jesus

I saw the things I lacked in the lives of others, particularly in one of my friends from church. One day, during a playdate with our toddlers, I bravely shared my feelings with her. “Maybe you aren’t saved,” she said kindly. Her response rocked me, but also prepared my heart for God to work. I was open to receive what God wanted to give.

Not long after that moment of honesty I joined a women’s Bible study at our church through. I had never participated in an in-depth Bible study before, just Sunday classes with no study on my own. And God did not simply allow me to dip my toes into His Word my first time out. Nope! He dumped me straight into the deep end of Scripture with the gospel-rich book of Romans!

As I began to immerse myself with His truths, I felt as though God had flipped a spiritual switch on in my soul. I “got” what I had missed for more than two decades of trying to do it myself. True salvation is knowing the Savior. It’s an intimate relationship with the Giver of Life. In that moment I stopped striving and simply surrendered to Him. My life totally given over to my Lord and King. My story with Jesus had really just begun.

I had been saturated in church and church activities for more than 25 years, but somehow, I had missed the truth. I had done all the right things – attended church, followed the rules, walked the aisle, and even gotten baptized. But none of those things saved me. However, through those years of personal striving, God faithfully continued to draw me to Jesus. Then in His timing He used the deep teaching of Romans to claim my heart. (Want to know more about a saving relationship with Jesus?)

Passion for Jesus and His Word

I not only fell in love with Jesus during that study, I also fell in love with His Word. My time in the book of Romans began a life-long journey of studying the Bible for myself, teaching it to others, and helping women learn how to study it for themselves. God’s Word is vital for every believer. I began teaching where I’d first studied – small group women’s Bible study. I taught at church and in a neighborhood group.

Then when we lived in Canada, God began bringing adults who had never been in church or studied the Bible before to our church. After teaching these seekers for a while with curriculum I had found, God led me to write my own curriculum for this group that would better meet their needs. So, I did! That was the first study I wrote. (In case you’re interested, that study is called “God’s Truth Revealed: Biblical Foundations for the Christian Faith.” You can find out more about it on my website or see it on Amazon.)

And because I love Romans… 

Yes, Romans holds a significant place in my personal faith journey. But Romans packs a powerful spiritual punch for every believer and anyone seeking Christ for the first time. 

From start to finish, Romans is a beautiful exposition of the gospel of Jesus. Mankind is fallen, separated from God by our sin. But God graciously provides redemption and reconciliation through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Those who are “in Christ” can live victorious, godly lives today through the indwelling Spirit who provides both power and divine guidance for our daily lives. 

It’s almost here! My new devotional through Romans is coming this week! “Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book of Romans” is the 3rd in the Deep Rooted devotional series. These meaty daily devotionals help you get it, delight in, and apply the Scripture. Formatted around the 4 R Bible Study Method, they will help you learn how to interact with Scripture, not just read it. 

I’d love to hear about how God has used a particular Bible passage or Bible book in your life! Share about it in the comments so we can chat!

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