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You can understand the Bible. God wants you to know Him better through His Word. The 4 R Bible study method – read, record, reflect, and respond – is a basic, but solid way to dig a little deeper into any biblical passage. This “inductive” method uses careful observation to discover what the passage says. That’s our first goal – to accurately interpret God’s meaning.

Every Bible passage has just ONE meaning – God’s original and only meaning.

Personal application is our last step and end goal. You don’t need extra resources. All you need is your Bible, a pen, a notebook or journal, and a humble, teachable attitude. The “R” repetition makes it memorable! You can take it anywhere!

Video Teaching on the 4 R Bible Study Method

For a written explanation of the 4 R Bible study method see The 4 R Bible Study Method for Everyday Use. But, if you have 30 minutes, here’s a more thorough video teaching! (Look below for links to helpful handouts you may want to refer to during the video.) One more thing – I recorded this teaching for a specific Facebook study group, so ignore the references to the group! Unless you’d like to join! (Deep Rooted Bible Study Group)

Here are some helpful handouts & additional links:

What insights or questions do you have?

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